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Congratulations Jesse Barton!
Winner of the 2021 Inver Grove Trove Treasure Hunt

Clue explanations forthcoming

The Inver Grove Trove Treasure Hunt

September 6-12, 2021

Win $250 + $160 in gift cards!

Explore the Grove to seek the Trove
And disentangle the web we've wove,
With fun and games our aspiration—
Plus a healthy dose of collaboration!

Grab a brew and an early clue—
By making our host your hunt HQ:
Hometown haven of sipping and chewing,
The Company of Inver Grove Brewing!

Search for the puck—with skill and luck—
But don't destroy or run amok;
Noodle the clues—be crafty and clever
To claim the loot in this endeavor;

Stay Grove-bound, on public ground—
And don't stop hunting 'til the puck is found!
So steel yourself and enter the fray;
Our hunt begins on Labor Day!

Through parkland rove within the Grove
If you wish to find the elusive Trove;
Third time's a charm—you can say that twice—
But it could take over a thousand nights.

The beautiful sights of Inver Grove Heights
Fill us with pride for its many delights;
It's the perfect place to hide our haul,
So crush the court—and we ain't talkin' ball!

We must demand you avoid private land,
So be a good neighbor and watch where you stand!
Wild horses couldn't drag a hunter away—
Turn over a new leaf to earn your pay.

Markings portend a bitter end—
Right to the depths of the Heights, descend!
To walk away could be revealing—
Pursue your path on more than a feeling.

A guy in the glade whose love didn't fade—
For a man in tights, he had it Maid.
Arthur was cool, we're sure you'd agree—
His days were happy; just ask Mrs. C.

A hunter prevails with wind in their sails,
At a lovely park to trot on trails;
As butterfly flutters and bumblebee stings,
A side of ranch to go with those wings.

The time has come for the final scrum,
To claim the cache and win the sum;
Flip the MacGuffin and make your mark
At Marianna Ranch Trails Park!

To find El Dorado requires bravado—
With Almquist, Alverno, and Alvarado;
From rocks in a row, embark on the trail
To the hidden glade of our holy grail!

Enter the fold through red and gold;
Remember that fortune favors the bold—
An overgrown path descends to the north;
Don't be frightened, just sally forth!

So on that basis, it's off to the races;
From trail to treasure, fifty paces—
The forest cove contains the Trove
And the Crystal Puck of Inver Grove!

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