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Congratulations Matt Koskie, of Hastings,
and Josh Ellingson, of Apple Valley! Winners of the 2019 Capture The Flag Mini-Hunt

Clue explanations forthcoming

Capture The Flag Mini-Hunt

June 14, 2019

Meander through Twin City Sidewalks to a noteworthy parking lot,
And quickly amble northeast-bound to the treasure's hiding spot.
It could still be there waiting—that is, only if you're nimble—
Now hurry; go and grab the local flappable civic symbol!

Make your way to a lovely park in the home of a former Saint,
Proceed to a sign with letters carved in wood, with fading paint.
Listen closely, research well; your victory's in the cards:
Sven Ivan O'Myron Wisnewski sends his very best regards.

Now, for all you history buffs, and fans of local beer:
Eighteen hundred ninety-one was surely a banner year;
Search for the prize near benches in a row of bushes and trees,
Within clear sight of letters and numbers blowing in the breeze.

Be the one to bear the standard—the target of your vigil—
Emblazoned with a ten-year-old design that forms its sigil.
Research the community (as with all treasure hunts);
Make like Walt and find a way to go two ways at once.

Please forgive us for the early morning wakeup call;
Our mini-hunt has started, though, so hear ye one and all:
Pay attention to the signs and search in a careful manner;
Start at the very beginning if you wish to seize the banner.

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Three tokens remaining in the Carver County Bounty!

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