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The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

November 14-25, 2018

($530 as of 10:45am 11/15/18)   

From anonymous to eponymous, his rise was apostolic,
Pseudonymous, autonomous, acronymous—symbolic.
We always admired the way he inspired an urge to run amok,
And look for the purple banana 'til they put us in the truck.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to start the chase.
Remember to seek, but don't destroy, our secret hiding place.
Search no green or fairway; there's no diamond in the rough.
Comb no beaches, dig no holes; be wary of the bluff!

Another treasure puzzle we now get to un-unspool:
Trust your gut (and the clues, of course), and you'll be on the jewel;
And if you'd like to give your chances in this hunt a boost,
Consider just how long it's been since we were introduced.

This is an announcement—just in case you hadn't known—
That once again it's time to search the cities for our stone:
The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt will soon be under way;
Your quest begins on the fourteenth, so register today!

Team Stat outmaneuvered our last challenge, to be certain;
They found our Emerald city (and the man behind the curtain).
I'd imagine, soon enough, our paths will cross again—
After all, those two share quite the treasure hunting yen.

At any rate, our next adventure should be lots of fun;
And if, when all is settled, you discover that you've won,
You'll enjoy a greater payday if you've made a small donation,
So add your ten bucks to the pot—submit your registration!

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