TC Treasure

The Inver Grove Trove Treasure Hunt

September 6-12, 2021

Win $250 + $160 in gift cards!

Find the Puck!
Search for The Official Inver Grove Trove Puck on public land within the city limits of Inver Grove Heights.

Solve the Clues!
A new clue will be posted at at 6:00pm every day from the first day of the hunt until the last—or until the treasure has been claimed (whichever occurs first).

Gain Home-Field Advantage!
Head over to Hunt Headquarters Inver Grove Brewing Co (3-6pm, 9/7-12) and get Clues #2-7 in person—before they're published online!

Call the Hotline!
For a status update, call 651-504-HUNT (4868).

Claim the Prize!
The treasure will be hidden with instructions on how to claim the prize. At 9:00pm the day after the final clue is posted, any portion of the prize that remains unclaimed will be rolled into the prize for the next Inver Grove Trove Treasure Hunt.

No purchase necessary or registration required.

All rules subject to change.

Presented by TC Treasure, Medallion Militia, Hunt For The Hoard, Big Discount Booze Clues, The D&D Medallion Hunt, Real Life Treasure Hunt, Mike Nowak Fitness, Inver Grove Brewing Co

Special Thanks
Brad Littlefield, Erin Gerlach, Glen & Kate Bruestle, Don & Megan Seiler, Matt Littlefield, Steven Sanftner, Ed Brodie, Jennifer Strahan, Craig Heinen, Ken Ng, Jake Peterson, Mike Nowak, The Town & People of Inver Grove Heights

The Inver Grove Trove Treasure Hunt is not affiliated with Inver Grove Heights Days.

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