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Congratulations Ben Fischer & Tony Weber! w/ Josh Ellingson
Winners of the 2023 Capture The Flag Mini-Hunt

Capture The Flag Mini-Hunt

Capture The Flag Mini-Hunt

November 4, 2023

   FLAG #1
Put on the kettle to test your mettle;
See if you have what it takes—
With freedom to roam a Nordic home
Of fair and lovely lakes.

Jump on the wagon, »Fånga flaggan!»
Search for the secret site
Where public access is put into practice—
It's every person's right.

To find our mark at the people's park,
Head for the farthest reach;
The Seeker wanders with son of Anders
To capture the flag on the beach.

   FLAG #2
Seekers take flight to our second site
In search of the cosmic sigil;
Mosey along, but don't steer wrong
On your vexillology vigil.

Feelin' sporty? Hike the back forty;
That's where we hid the goods—
Take a walk to the massive rock
In the middle of the Big Woods.

   FLAG #3
Southward bound on friendly ground,
Where once the wild things played—
But ruin wrought by commerce brought
Big shifts in the coursing cascade.

Search in the east to tame the beast;
Look for the right place to pounce—
Hunting grounds where shoreside sounds
Reverberate and bounce (bounce) (bounce)

Into the din, through thick and thin—
Seekers never lose heart;
Take a look at an open book
And let the wild rumpus start!

   FLAG #4
Follow the trail of the former rail,
Shift up and pedal forth;
Thirty years of spokes and gears—
The Gateway of the north.

Just off the course, hop on your horse;
Mount up and make the scoop—
Search in line with arrowhead pine,
Peregrinatin' a pink loop.

   FLAG #5
A jewel in the crown at the edge of town
Where stripes and stars ever soar;
A place preserved for those who served—
The casualties of war.

Parkway arboreal, umbral memorial—
Just one week away;
Hoist to the heavens, a trine of elevens—
Hour, month, and day.

The colors fly against the sky,
Waving benedictory;
Reach your goal: the celestial pole—
And claim sweet Victory!

Take in the sights from the handsome Heights—
Let the North Star guide you home;
Complete your quest with a view from the West
Of the stately Capitol dome.

A name misplaced defines the space
Where our furled-up flag was flung,
Lost in translation from another nation—
Those of a different tongue.

Head for the edge, but watch for the ledge
To stoop and secure the bag;
Polaris—fair play—reveals the way
To capture the True North flag!


Find the thing 'tween George and King
Near the Cherokee Avenue bend—
Trip the light to the treasure site
And bring this hunt to an end!

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