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Congratulations to the Ellingsons & Schonhardts! Winners of the 2023 Inver Grove Trove Treasure Hunt


September 1-10, 2023

Inver Grove Heights Days

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The time has come to seek the Trove;
Assemble your treasure battalion
To hunt through the Heights of Inver Grove
In search of our hidden medallion!

Every day another clue
Will narrow down the spot;
You might outfox our ballyhoo,
So why not give it a shot?

Search history for our secret stash
On a quest for clarity
In the mystery of the missing cache—
A path to prosperity!

Not far from shore, among the pine,
A winning hand lies on the ground—
Where laughter and nature intertwine,
With no court or rink to be found.

Search low and high within the Grove,
Where summer's song meets the ear,
On twisting trail, approach the Trove—
The path will guide you near.

As you hunt for the hidden goods,
To stake the treasured claim,
Have a look at the edge of the woods;
Reveal the name of the game.

To unlock our cipher and locate the park,
First find the key to its nature—
Then crack the lid of our cryptogram ark
With the proper nomenclature!

Hone your hunt to strike pay dirt
With six degrees of separation—
The sound of jets will keep you alert
At the thirty-seventh location.

American Apple—stop for a slice
To make this one easy as pies;
Dust off an antique mobile device
To point your way to the prize!

Nobody should have to pick a side
But yet, the choice must be made—
East or west you'll need to decide
Ponder this and find some shade.

Growing at the spot, near its base,
Arranged to obscure the key—
Type the first letters to help your case;
For a name to appear, add em-cee.

Search along a route dynamic,
Where a bruin let out its roar—
Contemplate the ends most static
And follow a path by the shore.

CLUE #10
Come one and all to McGroarty Park,
In search of the Inver Grove treasure—
Follow the path to our cryptogram ark;
Discover the Seekers' pleasure.

Along the lake, west of 52—
The coin wears a camouflage cloak;
Trace the root of our hullabaloo
To the base of a crumbling oak.

In a pile of bark, rummage around;
Poke through the wood for the puck—
What once was lost will soon be found;
To all hunters, best of luck!

Put on your button and join the chase
For ten days of treasure hunt fun—
Solve our clues and crack the case;
The Inver Grove Trove has begun!

Far and wide, over hill and dale,
Search for the Seekers' delight—
Find the medallion along a trail
And camouflaged from sight!

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