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Congratulations to Dan & Julie Schonhardt (and Eevee and Eli!),
Josh Ellingson, Zak Rexford, and Nate Messerich! Winners of the 2022 Time Travel Treasure Hunt

Time Travel Treasure Hunt

November 6-13, 2022

Tonight we fall back to fast forward through time—
To New Year's Eve of '99!
In your new gig, we wish you success
Making deliveries for Planet Express!
So team up to search the hunting grounds—
The Quantum Gemerald must be found!

To make this delivery, direct your search
Through tamarack, pine, spruce, and birch—
Strolling the acres on arbored grounds,
To scout for the prize while making the rounds;
A living tribute, the trees that enclose it
Commemorate the ones to propose it:

A pair of colleagues in conservation—
One was the head of a grand federation;
The other fought for freedoms forthrightly
Conjuring feminine forces fortnightly.
Together, they sprouted a sylvan grove
To guard and protect our time-frozen trove.

In order to pick up our second shipment,
You'll need to secure the proper equipment:
Pilot the vessel, with rank commanding,
To bring the ship in for a rocky landing—
Along the creek, make tracks northwest,
If you're inclined to collect your bequest.

Convene your crew to make the big score
By a lake with a name the same as before,
Where a trail with a T—sign in alignment—
Leads to the cargo for this consignment,
So pace the path on the prairie plain,
Pursuing our paragon of the profane.

Good news, everyone! It's dispatch day—
For a package one hundred light-years away!
As you care for the soil and cherish the earth,
To the nearby neighbors, give a wide berth;
Follow the trails from the glen to the ridge—
Around the loop from bridge to bridge.

Find the physician aboard this mission—
Everyone's favorite crustacean clinician!
He's taking a break at the side of the lake
In a park that shares the same namesake
As a gracious host who proposed a toast,
Broadcast live from coast to coast!

To help you sing the body electric,
Act on an impulse chronometric,
Setting the tempo and holding the beat;
To keep the rhythm, get up on your feet—
By taking the doctor's words to heart,
Building our time machine part by part!

Sweet chickadee of the sugar tree!
This parcel has no addressee.
So limbo down to a park with a view—
A spot that might give you déjà vu—
And saddle up to search the shore
For Bureaucrat Conrad, Grade 34.

Smeesh! The shipments don't stop shifting;
Maybe it's time for some heavy lifting?
Our payload's prepared, so listen up, people:
Search the pink hill beneath the steeple,
Where the Martian maven makes her home
Harkening back to days at the dome.

Clad in black with a wicked throw
He went the distance for a big no-no—
A dissertation on global rotation—
To cap off a capstone presentation;
So look alive if you want to thrive—
Then set a spell and rest: Take five!

Before being cryogenically frozen,
The delivery boy was already chosen
By an ancient race (for better or worse)—
The guardians of the universe—
Who waited until the decisive date
To give him a nudge and seal Earth's fate!

The Fuzzler Supreme enacted this scheme—
Lying in wait at the temporal seam—
To precipitate the portentous plan
For the timeline to end where it all began.
So locate the final time machine part,
Completing the loop to go back to the start!

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