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Congratulations to Matt Smith, Mike Nowak,
Todd Knuth, Ken Ng, and Jesse Barton!
Winners of the 2022 Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

July 27-August 7, 2022

With hot weather brewin' and summer a-stewin', it's time to fire the pistol
For a treasure hunt mystery steeped in history: The Case of the Curious Crystal!
To pierce the mystique of our doublespeak, search comprehensively;
Obey the rules—without garden tools—and scour intensively!

Assemble your team to foil the scheme and sort out where it's at—
The jewel endorses joining forces; just ask MED and STAT:
By moving a plank to reveal a crank and giving the reel a ratch,
The four wise guys collected the prize, landing a crystal catch!

This year we frolic through fields bucolic—cease not from exploration;
Home in on the gem—search ibidem: choose a convenient location.
Seek and deploy, but don't destroy—the hunter's golden rule—
To make the best of a quizzical quest for the Twin Cities' hidden jewel!

We're back again with hunt number ten—thanks for tuning in;
The time has come to strive for the sum, so let the chase begin!
With fuel so expensive it takes an extensive toll on the local commuter,
To reach nirvana, you just might wanna hop on a bike or a scooter!

Our golden goose is on the loose: just queue along the quay,
Then locate the blaze and ride the waves—easy as one, two, three!
So grin as you go, traipsing to and fro—puzzlingly perplexed—
To search and explore as never before, from one neighborhood to the next.

From greenhorn gamer to hall of famer and seasoned vet to rookie—
Listen up to hoist the cup in the quest for the crystalline cookie!
As you pursue an eagle's-eye view to trace a transparent torus,
Keep in mind how one might find another word for thesaurus.

To rise with the rooster, the civic booster is up at the dawn's first crack—
So on your toes, as the old chestnut goes, and you'll be on the right track!
With seeds germinal at towering terminal, winnow the wheat from the chaff;
A house in the city with views so pretty—stop in for a drink and a laugh!

Search through the park for a high water mark—a great way to get some air;
If you're standing with boots on the landing, you're already halfway there!
Come to a stop when you've reached the top, then move from there to hear,
With pun intended—antenna extended—we're coming in loud and clear!

Ringed in a cloak of billowing smoke, an area institution
Anagogic with backward logic and non-stop noise pollution;
Fifty years later, the abominator—blowhard beyond compare—
Spews a barrage of fumes from the garage; it's all just a lot of hot air.

From public housing to rabble rousing, and into the wild blue yonder—
With vim and vigor, the daring digger seeks space to play and ponder.
So scope out a spot—with views of a lot—for a place to fly in formation,
Scanning the dial with a wink and a smile in a city-wide search for the station.

The clearest clues occur in twos—X marks a local draftsman;
The spot's got a lotta terra cotta—a tip of the hat to the craftsman!
Since twenty-eight, we celebrate the designer and pioneer—
By lifting the lintels to check out the dentils a cupola times each year.

Riding the zenith of a beachside behemoth—sink or swim, flounder or float—
To surf a fresh batch of waves to catch; the people cast their vote
For a sweeping vision, in a landslide decision—a signal of change in the air;
Overall, you can't fight city hall—unless you make friends with the mayor.

Noodles sloggin' around in the noggin, sparking good grief and dismay?
Just do as the doc said, but don't be a blockhead; we won't pull the ball away!
So snoop the small sister with trusty transistor, high above the new bridge;
Maintaining course to find the source—at the top of the hill, on a ridge.

A heist with a Hearst where worst came to worst; hunted by the police—
From radical terror to sentencing error, granted an early release;
Twenty-five years deceiving peers and doggedly dodging detection—
Where, shrouded in secrecy, a furtive frequency awaits your interception.

CLUE #10
With a funky groove about making a move... away, but nevertheless,
The synth riff wizard gave rise to a blizzard—a flurry of great success:
The one-hit wonder (with an echo down under) set disco clubs a-wiggle—
So dance on a line from the hurst of pine and zero in on the signal!

CLUE #11
The first born son was a lyrical one with determination and drive;
A dozen years on, the man may be gone—but the idea is alive:
Take a hilltop stroll on an evergreen knoll and scrutinize ceaselessly—
To locate the station through the modulation of our very high frequency.

Sinusoid waves broadcast our blaze at eighty-eight megahertz—
With relay strength on the same wavelength as a park on the outskirts!
So fix your divot and make the pivot, but don't get swept up by the weather;
Skate to the puck like a Mighty Duck—Seekers fly together!

You've got the idea, but—mamma mia!—you didn't quite kick the ball;
The hill you seek is another peak, on the other side of Saint Paul—
Where a greedy gold digger had a nasty hair-trigger, but lacked the resolve to pull it,
So the treacherous twit put out a hit—and went number two with a bullet!

CLUE #12
In a thundering crash, it was gone in a flash—of falling water needs,
So the town did yield an open field with space for treasure hunt deeds;
It might be entrancing, but keep on dancing—away from the rinkside hillock;
Measure crest to crest to find the chest—and views no less idyllic!

On hills a-rollin', the brothers Bohland tilled the township's terrain;
A street with their name marks off the claim—at the edge of our domain.
Finding an eyeline with a downtown skyline, paddle away from the beach
To spot our blaze with the phrase that pays—once more into the breach!

Pinning your hopes on the slippery slopes, the heights are beckoning
So rest and chill by the sledding hill for a final reckoning—
At the end of the road, dial in the code to surf our little wavelet;
Look for a nook to check out a book and curl up with an old favorite!

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