TC Treasure


Congratulations to Eli & Nicole Bremer!
with Ben Fischer and Ed Brodie
Winners of the 2022 Blue Ox Bonanza Treasure Hunt

Blue Ox Bonanza Treasure Hunt

May 30-June 5, 2022 Chippewa, Dunn, and Eau Claire Counties

The Blue Ox Fest presents this quest in the Triangle of Gold,
For our hidden cache—a secret stash of musical riches untold;
We wrapped the Bonanza in fine organza (a.k.a. polyester),
Masking the prize from the prying eyes of all but the craftiest quester!

We chose the perfect hiding spot to leave the stone behind—
A glittering jewel for all to seek, but only one to find;
Solve the clues and find the flag, exploring lands of leisure,
To claim the TC-Chippewa Valley Blue Ox Bonanza treasure!

The quest for the Blue Ox Bonanza trove has finally begun;
Explore the Chippewa Valley—you could win a weekend of fun!
The jewel is hidden in its cache, and now the race is on—
So grab your gear and hit the trail to find our gonfalon!

Keep an eye out, and maybe an ear, to take the hunt in hand—
Remember: seek, but don't destroy; search only public land!
Crack the clues to solve the spot and stay ahead of the masses
If you wish to claim the gem—and a pair of three-day passes!

Seek our secret standard on the sunny side of the track—
Build up steam to make the grade, but don't go blowing your stack!
Prospect the park and tramp the trails, keeping constant vigil;
Make sure to stay on the lookout for a sign of our shimmering sigil!

Well skilled seekers, flood the plains—like back in days of old—
To yoke the ox that treads the grains, and spin a yarn of gold;
Call your shot to find the spot, and follow the signature scent
Of pennycress—the smell of success!—if victory is your bent.

Head to the forest to find our flag, but stay within the lines;
Fittingly, you could win the prize by camping out under the pines.
Our hankie hides a sapphire stone, with stunning clarity;
Needles and cones will mark your way to the path of prosperity!

We ain't bluffin'—we hid the MacGuffin above the Pacific range;
Make the connection with a resurrection—for three million bucks and change!
Scramble, dad-gummit! Make the noon summit; encounter the saucer people—
Playing hide and seek around the peak, beneath the stony steeple.

Feeling defeated? Don't throw in the towel; it's time to rally the troops—
Punch in the pattern to win the game with a series of bleeps and bloops!
By paying attention, repeating commands, and following tuneful cues,
A savvy seeker should surmise the proper path to peruse.

The gem is waiting above the river, in the town of waters clear,
Hidden in a sandstone seam—it couldn't be more pert' near;
Break the spell to name the park that's home to the Bonanza,
Revealed by the first letter of the fourth line in each stanza.

To win the day, just do as we say—with ox before the cart,
As a last resort, appeal to the court; take these words to heart!
Search the sand to take it in hand, your victory flag unfurled;
Kneel at the pines near the power lines and you'll be on top of the world!

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