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Congratulations to Zak Rexford, Josh & Amy Ellingson (and Ben!),
Dan & Julie Schonhardt (and Eevee!), Nate Messerich, and Matt Ludvigson!

Winners of the 2021 Time Travel Treasure Hunt

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Time Travel Treasure Hunt

November 10-21, 2021

Hey! Listen! You have a new mission: to claim our treasure chest—
So pull out the cartridge, blow off the dust, and embark upon your quest!
We hope this sequel proves an equal—an adventure to remember:
The second Time Travel Treasure Hunt begins the tenth of November!

Last year's scheme was one for the team—a thrilling win, by gosh,
For Craig, Zak, Dana, Julie, Dan, Amy, Nate, and Josh.
We're back again with another gem, so join the fray if you're keen:
Grab a controller to start the game and engage the time machine!

Back a notch, rewind your watch; the time has come at last—
Counterclockwise, as the crow flies—to travel into the past!
Be a sleuth to learn the truth: peer through the eyes of the mask;
Above the falls, adventure calls—that is, if you're up to the task!

Seek the stones through the seven zones—unlock the sacred realm,
With items blessed along your quest to take the temporal helm;
Awaken the sages, pass through the ages, battle with reason and rhyme—
Claim the jewel to save Hyrule and emerge the Hero of Time!

Search for the loot on a scenic route; team up or go alone—
Find and report to a seaside resort and claim the Kokiri's Stone!
The corners you brighten will help to enlighten an avenue, plain and simple;
Electing to hold a standard of gold could get you a shot in the temple.

As legend goes, the Triforce chose a hero to harness its power—
Look to the skies to find the prize, traipsing from tower to tower;
Stop to search—oak, elm, birch—then earthward cast your gaze,
In order to wield the Hylian Shield and buffer the burning blaze.

As you carry forth—far into the north—to the woods for a lovely stroll,
Survey the scenery, peer through the greenery, climb to the top of the knoll!
The Goron's strengths are heights and lengths; we figured—what the heck?
You might want to pack your lunch in a sack to take the animal trek.

Down from the mountain to Zora's Fountain; the princess grants one wish,
With love and joy, to thank the boy for rescuing her from the fish.
Stick around when the sun goes down to decipher the cryptogam;
Observe the slain whose rest will wane—check our Instagram!

From fern to forest—join the chorus—the hills are alive with the sound;
Birds of a feather watch over the nether; keep your eyes above ground!
Embark to the meadow—allegretto—and rouse the six noble sages;
Ring the chime of the Song of Time, before taking a nap for the ages!

To the marvelous maple, the boreal staple; tap into the trove—
Hide and seek just up the creek, on the west side of the grove,
Where poles of pine will help you find the evergreen pilasters;
One with the wild, the Kokiri Child will rise with the swordmasters.

Awaken from sleep to make the great leap, and hurdle past your peers;
Observe the sky—with eagle eye—to illuminate the spheres!
An island niche could scratch the itch and help you deliver the goods—
At a nascent nation-adjacent station with space to camp in the woods.

Amass your battalion to find the medallion; forage a flowering land—
Launch an attack near the cul-de-sac to unravel our keen plan!
With sight of the cape, make your escape—seek sylvan sanctuary
From phantom hag, on armored nag—and add to your reliquary.

With gleamin' beacon, the land you're seekin' affirms its fiery domain;
Fight the blaze in the Boulder Maze on the least-resistant lane.
In this ninth chapter—"Obsidian Raptor"—whatever can will happen:
The Deku Tree Sprout will sort you out to make the timber extraction!

CLUE #10
At the Temple of Water—getting hotter!—under turf and heather,
Search for the quarry a priori; put all the pieces together!
With Hylian roots and Iron Boots to help you seize the day,
Watch and commune with blood red moon to clearly point the way.

CLUE #11
With mystery, guile, and an evil smile to reveal a path to the jewel,
We've cast the runes, so lick your wounds; flee to the edge of Hyrule!
Spot the cache—a rock cap stash—by playing the proper combo
To disentangle a triple triangle... Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

CLUE #12

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