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Congratulations to Team MED-STAT!
Matt Littlefield, Ed Brodie, Steven Sanftner, and Matt Koskie!
Winners of the 2021 Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

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The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

July 28-August 8, 2021

Prize purse: $1000

Attention, TC Treasure hunters: a kindly word of warning—
Our newest expedition will begin tomorrow morning!
Once again the time has come to lay it on the line;
Let's start the Hunt for Great Twin Cities Treasure number nine!

Fischer claimed the crystal in our last quixotic quest—
He followed the path of victory to rise above the rest;
On Rocinante he did charge, to heed adventure's call—
To realize the impossible dream and hoist the hunted haul!

Hence, our goal: to befuddle—to baffle and bemuse;
Yours is to decipher—to interpret and solve the clues.
With one day left to register—and double your prize for the win—
The fateful deed, at last, is done—let the games begin!

It's been a while, but we're back in style, ready to bring the heat
For an all-out blitz in a battle of wits—will you advance or retreat?
With an eagle eye, think on the fly to journey the jubilant jaunt;
Seek a sliver along the river to hunt our hallowed haunt.

It's that time of year: the dog days are here, red in tooth and claw—
So leash and pick up if you search with a pup; after all, it's the law!
A summer scorcher with temps that torture, baking the treasured land;
If you're not one to rise with the sun, you might have the upper hand.

Peer through the haze and find the blaze to help you navigate:
In the tree of heaven, a string of seven—one of eighty-eight.
The nightblue fruit reveals a route to a handsome harvest on high
With a fitting design at the end of the line: a diamond in the sky.

Big and bold as you enter the fold, it's easy to distinguish:
A rustic sign with a Windsor shine to spell it out in plain English.
Narrow your spree down to a T, near where the treasure's furled;
Along your walk, turn over a rock... discover a hidden world!

Bound and sally through the winding valley, along the tributary;
Take a tour of meadow and moor—your friendly neighborhood prairie.
Along a diagonal from a figure nonagonal, centered triangularly—
A wildwood weald with cache concealed, camouflaged clancularly.

To catch the cache and snatch the stash—as you trace the riverbed,
Center your stalking upstream from the squawking cacophony overhead;
By watching for birds and mincing words, you'll find the hallowed ground:
Just give a quick yank to the lowering crank—turn it and twist it around.

'Tween river boats and designer coats, where currents flow and ebb,
Find a spot to shoot your shot and sling a wily web!
You could be wealthy for snapping a selfie, so don't forget your cam;
With find recorded, you'll be rewarded—do it for the 'gram!

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