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Congratulations Ben, Matthias, and Elijah Fischer, Ed Brodie,
Josh Ellingson, The Webers, Pat Moriarty, and The Littlefields!
Winners of the 2021 Washington County Bounty

Clue explanations forthcoming

Washington County Bounty

May 4, 2021

Hunters tested, you've been quested—a new mission, we bestow—
So guide your blurrg to a charming burg along the high plateau,
Where, sure enough, our bedrock bluff looks lovingly over the county;
Sweep the grove for a hidden cove to claim your beskar bounty!

To win a prize, a word to the wise: though fortune favors the brave,
At our insistence, keep your distance from the fabled mudhorn's cave;
Read up and refresh your Aurebesh to proceed without delay;
Mount an attack on bantha's back, and HUNT! — This is the Way.

The tokens famed remain unclaimed; five more to be found—
But disregard our bounty card: the quarry is safe and sound.

One clue. One park. One token per finder.
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