TC Treasure

Cooler Crew Rehash Bash

February 3, 2021


West Park · White Bear Lake

Old King Boreas took the helm
And dug a trench around the realm
To save the people of the shire
From flaming wrath of Vulcans' fire.

The Vulcans, ever-undeterred,
Swore their vengeance, rest assured—
Hatching plans in their woodsy retreat,
Their dragon friends will bring the heat!

But treasure trolls won't be outdone;
The've joined in on the wintry fun—
Look underneath to find the loot,
From ramp to bridge to slippery chute!

Search the moat for red TCs,
And find the dragons in the trees!
Bring back your token once you've scored
For something sweet as your reward!


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