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Congratulations Angela & Chris, Ben,
Jadin & Sherry, Steven, and Alex!
Winners of the 2021 Ramsey County Bounty

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Ramsey County Bounty

January 16, 2020

Back in the day, folks needed a way to get across town in style,
So, beam to girder, they built a converter to carry them off the isle.
Decades on, it's mostly gone, but the site remains unique;
An iron lattice apparatus marks the location you seek.

Gray eyes, brown hair, complexion fair, six foot two and a half—
His marching orders from headquarters: relieved from general staff.
The rest of his days were mired in a haze so grisly and suspicious,
Few were surprised when a man so despised met with an end so vicious.

Brrr! It's cold, but there's treasure to hold, so race against the wind
To stone abutments, blocks from hutments, where your prize is pinned.
Take your best shot at the hiding spot, and be sure to mind the railin'—
Will #TreasureMadness end with gladness or in the pain of failin'?

It's not too late! Two tokens wait—north and south, top and bottom—
So take a gander at Alexander (or rather, the damn fool that shot him).
Mission accomplished to fanfare pompous; a tour of mass distraction—
He looked so cute in his little flight suit, just like a real man of action.

One clue. One location. Five tokens.
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