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Congratulations to Craig Heinen, Zak Rexford, Josh Ellingson (and Ben!),
Dan & Julie Schonhardt (and Eevee!), Dana Heinen, and Nate Messerich! Winners of the 2020 Time Travel Treasure Hunt

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Time Travel Treasure Hunt

November 5-16, 2020

(October 26, 1985 — 1:35AM) Local historians, start your DeLoreans for the TC Time Travel race—
Explore the counties to claim our bounties and crack the mystery case!
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Race against time to the scene of the crime, in the wee hours of the morning;
Examine the signs by a pair of pines, and heed their wintry warning!
One of many, a lucky penny marks the first steps to the stone,
So accelerate to eighty-eight—into the great unknown.

(November 5, 1955 — 9:00AM) Attention, time travelers and mystery unravellers: The hunt is underway!
In this edition of our treasure mission, be sure to seize the day;
If you're up to the test of our temporal quest, plunge in, set out—embark!
To find the jewel, obey this rule: Search a public park.

From Peabody's farm—away from harm—to a lovely, quiet dale;
Head for the hills, where nature thrills, to follow the sci-fi tale.
Make a break from the waterless lake, or slide down the slope on your sledge;
You might be wise to look for the prize just off the water's edge.

(November 6, 1955 — 9:00AM) From the Forest of Arden to a quiet garden, follow the beck and call:
Ease on down to the east end of town, then up, around the wall.
If you impanel the proper channel, there should be nothing to it;
A quick-and-dirty twenty to thirty paces ought to do it.

(November 7, 1955 — 9:00AM) This clue will deliver you west of the river to a spot both serene and hellish.
Flip a coin near where paths join—with zeal and radiant relish.
Make your way 'round the small playground, and head toward the woods at once;
As you scout, be sure to look out for trees with multiple trunks.

(November 8, 1955 — 9:00AM) From devil's domain to an open plain, where the cold northwest winds blow,
Make your paces around the bases; hustle to beat the throw!
The roar from the crowd is getting loud—you round and dig for the bag;
Will the umpire's shout be "safe" or "out" as you slide in under the tag?

(November 9, 1955 — 9:00AM) Wrapped in a sack and cached in a crack—this one's a piece of cake,
So point your team to the edge of the stream and take a little break
Where waters wend around the bend, flowing between the trees,
And wisps o' willow swirl and billow in the lovely autumn breeze.

(November 10, 1955 — 9:00AM) Descend on a trail and pierce the vale (to coin an appellation);
Near bodies celestial, a landscape bestial awaits your exploration:
Keep your back to the cul-de-sac to reach forbidden fruition;
Find a bench by the treasured trench 'tween paradise and perdition.

(November 11, 1955 — 9:00AM) To access the mark, charge into the park—as far as your ride will go—
Then search and sweep, an ankle deep, in the freshly fallen snow;
From the path, persevering just past the clearing, inspect a timber gap,
And make big gains from what remains of a tree with sugary sap.

(November 12, 1955 — 9:00AM) Between the bridges amid the ridges, away from a wooden stair,
The shady fen of a sylvan glen conceals a secret pair;
A gentle slope could bring new hope to help you hit the spot—
Tonight's the night we set things right: four past ten on the Dot!

(November 13, 1955 — 9:00AM) A flash as frightening as the bolt of lightning that sent you on this hunt
Ignited a vision that sparked the decision to coordinate this stunt,
So heed these words (and watch for birds) along your peregrination,
And steer your jeep into the deep for a rapid revelation.

CLUE #10
(November 14, 1955 — 9:00AM) Get up and go—move forth with the flow to find serenity
At a park with plenty of space for many a frill and amenity.
Search for the score to the west of the shore; follow the path less trod—
With temps bearing polar, find a patroller and summon the rescue squad!

CLUE #11
(November 15, 1955 — 9:00AM) To be victorious, think arboreous; the forest is good for your psyche.
Through timbered ruins, tromp in your Bruins—courtesy of Nike.
There's more to this quest than a daily test to find the hidden goods;
A fallen tree could be your key—it's buried in the woods.

CLUE #12
(November 16, 1955 — 9:00AM) For the grand finale, head down to the Valley by catching the one-thirty-one,
Then strap on your skis and glide with ease—quickly through the run!
Find the ranch by the broken branch and look beneath the leaves,
Then steal from the tower to harness the power—a pair as thick as thieves!

With locations scouted and journey routed, head for your final goal:
Make the score and hurry, before things spiral out of control!
To gain possession of flux compression—and claim the mystery chest—
Hop on your horse and chart your course into the wild, wild west!

To resolve all matters of formers and latters, follow the archers' arrow;
Then use your map to spot the gap and search where waters narrow.
Amid the sedge near river's edge, where once resort grounds stood:
Downstream, northbound—just limbo 'round the hellish wall of wood.


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