TC Treasure


Congratulations Sherry Jackson, Chris Sawyer, and Angie Hershberger! Winners of the TC Treasure-Medallion Militia Hijacked Hunt

The pipeline has broken—our network's been hacked;
By the Dread Pirate Coldest, our hunt's been hijacked!
Capitalize on a bonus prize by staying ahead of the chase—
Follow the clues to find the tubes, and crack the honkin' case!

The Hijacked Hunt

August 3-6, 2020

The nightmare's not over, a hijacked take over;
Now we hold the secret to the Series of Tubes!
We placed a reward, so gather your horde —
Set out on the quest, what do you got to lose?

Here's your first lesson, find them in succession,
The first hunter to the end claims the loot.
Start at Shadow, now jump on your saddle,
Here's the first clue — now track down that damn goose!

Find the next tube at a forest green overlooking a gorgeous dale;
Take a hike or ride your bike; you ___ already on the right trail!
Southward, follow it down to the hollow—it's waiting for you, trust us!
Search along the mighty stream of righteousness and justice.

Make hay while the sun still shines; keep north of the bridge and locks;
Our humble state isn't always so modest: Minnesota Rocks!
That's your cue, __ you seek the next clue in our secret Goose Chase spree;
You'll find it guarded by sentinels, concealed at the root of a tree.

Stick to this side of the river while maintaining a downstream tack;
Search for a circle above the creek, just off ___ beaten track—
To find your place, once more embrace our local arts and culture;
The next clue's Hidden in the grass near another stony sculpture.

For site number four on the overlook tour, continue heading south
And ____ the old abutment of an arch that crossed the mouth.
Just off the Great Road there lies another puzzle to unscrew:
Wrist over fist, just give it a twist to crack the next Goose Chase clue.

Take a stroll to a secret knoll on a quest for the ring of truth;
It waits for ___, obscured from view, at the mystical fountain of youth.
With a latin name for the goddess of same—Concordia Salus!
Your search is bound for lofty ground; away from the river! Vamoose!

Hello old ______. Let's go—full belt—along the lucky line;
Pull a three-sixty to seize the next bottle; it's right by a sign of a sign.
This Goose Chase Classic just went Triassic—How do you get to Pangaea?
Now there's a true mystery of our prehistory; I have no idea.

A water nymph fell in love with a prince, so she visited Baba Yaga;
Such tragic devotion, she sipped from a potion and _____ sealed her saga:
The price of her bliss was a deadly kiss; an eternal, silent curse—
To mournfully gaze upon the moon and sing her voiceless verse.

Pinpoint the yard of Democracy's Bard—a poetic kind of fella—
On a bumpy ride to a rocky slide beneath a red umbrella.
Plaza gravel—go forth and travel; it's in downtown Saint Paul!
So be our guest and pass this test: The calming _______ of all.

The next hiding place is an urban oasis—a downtown chill-out station.
Find the spot along an edge; a small notch _____ the location.
Search rocks in rows near concrete prose on sidewalk stationery:
"Dear heart, Let go; It's too heavy—It was never yours to carry."

Do not settle; test your mettle—go east about a mile.
Pass beneath five bridges on your way to claim __ vial;
It's a musical migration: head down the great white way;
Show loyalty to royalty—with an affirmative display.

TUBE #10
High up on the bluff—the climb's a bit rough—lies another treasured stead:
Make your sweeps northeast of the heaps; do not awaken the dead!
Aim your ramble at the hill with a bramble—__ arboreal location
Feel with your glove for a cranny above the stony sinuation.

TUBE #11
Don't be ________, you're not forsaken; you're fast approaching the grail,
So follow the arrows to the winding narrows of a peaceful, wooded trail
Of frogs and logs, big cats and dogs; the size of the place amazes—
___ when this boar lets out his roar, you might say "what in blazes?"

TUBE #12
Befitting the Chase, there's a final place—and it's right before your eyes;
Can ___ believe it? You've nearly retrieved it—you're one step away from the prize!
Ride off, on your horse, to the final course—then follow the poles to the _;
Prophets forebode an apocalypse road as the last of your Goose Chase treks.

TUBE #13
Congrats! You've found the place to be, and captured our wild goose,
Yet you've got bigger fish to fry—there's treasure on the loose!
The jewel you seek is north of the creek; prepare for a fight to the end—
___ __ __ _______ __ _ _____ ___ ____, ___ ___ _____ ________ __ ______!

You've found the last tube! — Without further-ado,
Onto the final stop — our "Hi-jacked" prize.
The Jewel has been claimed, but a prized path remains.
To save the TC Goose — you must arise.

To get yourself hot — hike north of the lot.
Stomp a footpath, not creek side pavement.
The chest beckons, near a stairway to heaven.
Stay in Battle — find the Goose and save it!