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Congratulations Ed, Steven, Matt, and Ben!
Winners of the 2020 Anoka County Bounty

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Anoka County Bounty

May 4, 2020

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It's looking grim at the Outer Rim for Leia, Han, and Chewie—
Scattered and strewn on a distant moon, their mission gone kerflooey—
To the spaceport they beat a hasty retreat, escaping in their pods,
But Boba Fett collects his debt, regardless of the odds;

He traced their location to the little-known station, giving hot pursuit—
An old outpost along the coast, on an ancient cargo route,
Where our heroes await an uncertain fate, and a fight to the bitter end,
To hold their position for a rescue mission, courtesy of an old friend.

Our Rebels resist in the Symera System; The Western Reaches beckon!
You'll find the posse on the moon of Catasi, with much terrain to reckon;
Peel your eyes for the bonus prize—as ever, undeterred—
One appears every thousand years: The fabled Shadow Bird.

To save our Princess, westward search
And find a stump in a stand of birch.
(Although, just to lay things a little bit balder,
The "birch" might be aspen or poplar or alder.)

One clue. One park. Five tokens.
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