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Congratulations Ed Brodie & Matt Littlefield! Winners of the 2019 Very Merry Mini-Hunt

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Very Merry Mini-Hunt

December 14, 2019

In old Saint Paul, where the snow doth fall, seek out our hiding spot;
To prevail in the race to this secret place, you'll need to hatch a plot,
So assemble your team and form a scheme to put you out in front
In the extraordinary, new, and Very Merry Mini-Hunt!

With reason and rhyme, it's the perfect time to start a new tradition;
Devices poetic and peripatetic will help you on your mission.
Locate our base to prevail in the race, and interpret our allegory;
Gain peace of mind once you've refined your search to seek the quarry.

The cold wind blows; it freezes our toes, and makes us shake and shiver—
Follow the trail to a spot off the rail en route to the frozen river.
Find coherence in enneadic clearance by passing beneath a bridge;
Switch things up to sip from the cup, and diverge by just a smidge.

With a little luck, take a blue fire truck—and grab a slice of pizza—
Straight to the top for a liquid crop, to rat on the mob of minutia.
Nearby, the name on a school of acclaim feels a bit contradictory,
But the standard gauge should help assuage your thirst for victory.

A pint of cheer could help you hear the tune of Miss Williams' guitar—
Local, of course, and one with the force of a brilliant, exploding star.
It's the perfect park to make your Marc, but if you're feeling vexed,
Search for the "K"s in Canadian ways, from one town to the next.

Leave your car—the treasure is far from the roadway palindrome;
Think occidental and ornamental—unwrap our holiday gnome!
If your plan's in ruins, your team could be shoo-ins to chance upon the fob,
Amid the debris, in the knot of a tree—uncover our thingamabob.

Head on a lark to a fledgling park that lacks amenities:
An open zone, unfinished, and known by two identities.
The Jayhawks' nest lies to the west with hunter's euphoria,
Where treasures bold await your hold—Carpe Victoria!

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