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Congratulations Steven Sanftner and Josh Ellingson! Winners of the D&D Re-Tee: Beers for Tears Hunt

D&D Re-Tee: Beers For Tears Hunt

November 2, 2019

It's the D&D Re-Tee, Beers for Tears Hunt.
A Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 Stunt.
A one day event to try your luck.
Searching for our mashed up puck.

Ken's recommendation fueled a fire.
A refund hunt is what you desire!
So, a few of us hashed out a plan—
Placing a prize on Saint Paul land.

We start at 6AM and work our way till 3—
One clue every three hours it will be.
The mock of a mock of a mock is on tap.
Happy hunting to all, and to all a good laugh!

Search for our mark in a Saint Paul park that's known all over town;
Within your ken, in a forest fen, you'll find the home of Brown.
Follow our clues to traffic the booze—the liquid prize you seek—
Before the leaves all fall from the trees and strand you up the creek.

Since its purgation by conflagration, the spot has been repurposed—
To settle the case, just cut to the chase from a parking lot resurfaced.
Mosey around and search on the ground for a quartet of tasty brews;
Need some hints? Just follow the prints! What have you got to lose?

Reap the rewards of a hoppy harvest - kick off your quest with fresh words of an artist.
Undertake an epic Fall migration, though it's so very hard to go, it'll end in libation.
Bones make a modest soup that might leave you nauseous, best to start with one of your secret sauces.
Rest assured, there is no need to feel unmoored
All you need to do is stay down below and go with the flow.

If your hands filled, or your beers spilled.
It's no time for a stumble, waiting in disguise so don't fumble.
May your mug be chilled.
They come from the land of ice and snow, and settled along the old man's flow.
If the gate has locks, find a place to park and walk a couple of blocks.

A lord's quest will give you a prosperous tell.
The second of three will ring a bell.
You now have the power to enter our trail of beers.
Giving forth to a quadrant of bubbles and cheers.

The steel to the north,
a king resides in the south,
the summit to the east,
and the rocks to the west.

Erik's son should have taken his name.
Thorin's shield ends our game.
Putting this together can end your quest.
Lead you to victory and our title belt!

Hidden Falls South is the place to go
It all comes down to what you know
Past hunts in this park don't last long
Near a major upset is where to sing your song
Line up some folks with power lines
End your day with a red tree find.


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