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Congratulations to Team JEM!
Jennifer Strahan, Ed Brodie, and Matt Littlefield
Winners of the 2019 Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

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The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

July 26-August 6, 2019

$1,000 as of 10:21am 8/5/19

On the night before the seventh Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt,
Johannes sends in his report: He's pulled the secret stunt—
The jewel is hidden in its spot, the prize waits to be won,
So get your registrations in; prepare yourselves for fun!

Last year Matt and Steven claimed two jewels in a row—
Amethyst and emerald, and a tidy chunk of dough—
Is triumph in the cards again? We'll have to wait and see—
Will you end Stat's streak, or will they make it three for three?

The time has come to start another TC Treasure ploy,
So join the hunt and always remember to seek, but don't destroy.
The treasure isn't at the beach; steer clear of links and greens.
And if you find the jewel, report it quickly, by all means.

Forget your rakes and shovels; no tools should be required.
But a pair of sturdy gloves could come in handy, if desired.
Train your eye toward the ground to locate the prized domain—
Avoid all private property and stick to park terrain

Here is sport for spartans, to help you find your way,
Dashing into sunshine, to secure a big payday—
Racing with the tempest, to where the treasure lies—
Nothing earthly, equals riding two wheels to the prize

To learn the jewel's hiding place, explore a regional trail
And follow it to a lovely spot nearby, just off the rail—
There, in the shade, you'll have it made; just zero in your search—
To overturn our secret stone and pluck it from its perch

As you search along the parkway, and glean its history,
Turn back the clock to another time and solve our mystery;
Go down the rabbit hole, where you could do a double take.
Listen closely and you might hear the phantom of the lake.

Beat the bushes, trees, and shrubs to claim the hidden trove;
It's nestled in a tangle of roots, near the edge of a secret grove,
Where the scales that measure right and wrong allude to your reward—
As legend has it, only the chosen may wield the stone in the sword

Our story continues back in time, along your trail of desire;
It starts with a monarch without a crown, and ends in a chalice of fire.
Search for the prize to the rear of a bench, on a covert garden path—
You'll be right on the cardinal gem, once you've done some math

Look both ways before you cross, and dance along the blade
From rose to hydrangea and Russian sage, into the wooded glade—
A straight and narrow path of least resistance through the copse,
To our crimson crystal, hidden in the midst of triangular crops

Find the jewel amid the peaceful cornucopia
Of an Eden for all seasons; a true utopia—
A chance like this one comes but once, every hundred years.
Hurry to our Brigadoon, before it disappears.

Think of a number, write it down, and add one to keep count.
Now, multiply by two, and add four more to the amount.
Divide it in half, and add four score to that, just for good measure—
Subtract your original number, and you'll be on your way to the treasure

CLUE #10
Safe in its nest, the vermillion crest awaits your revelation
In a region at once significant to city, state, and nation;
Southeast of Ellie's garden, seek and find that gem of ours—
Stand on top of a hill to embark on your very own mission to Mars.

CLUE #11
Make a pilgrimage along the halcyon path you pursue.
What you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you—
The man from Tarsus brings catharsis; heed his words and actions.
Follow in his footsteps from Jerusalem to Athens.

Adventure calls just west of the walls, in a thicket down the road;
Go to church to make your search and finally decipher our code.
A gold-topped interloper tips the scales of poetic justice—
Impressive words near a home for birds; the stone's still waiting, trust us

The race is on, along the wooded avenue, at last.
Search the route for our Brig o' Doon, by the site of a starting blast—
Between the two, you'll find our secret grove of paradise—
Not only does this hunt go to eleven, it goes to eleven twice.

CLUE #12
Look in plain view on the avenue for our lovely hiding spot,
But if you're looking for detractors, just listen to Lloyd or Scott.
The district, now historic, forms a marvelous museum—
But both were frank, and likened it to a monstrous mausoleum

Near a fortress at the bend, in a bush where ivy has crept,
Search to the south of a golden dome, not far from where Dillinger slept.
Find the gem where north meets south, along a well-known seam—
To sum it up, here ends our seventh TC Treasure scheme.

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