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Congratulations Matt Koskie, of Hastings, and
Sam Froelich & Whitney Armstead, of Saint Paul! Winners of the 2019 Out To The Ballgame Mini-Hunt

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Out To The Ballgame Mini-Hunt

May 25-26, 2019

Tomorrow, a mini-hunt spree;
There's treasure to track down—yippee!
With a surplus of clues, and nothing to lose,
You might have some cross words for me.

I hope that you've done all of your crammin'
For our regularly scheduled programmin';
It could prove prognostic to solve my acrostic,
So best get to crucigrammin'!

Here's something you should be wary-a,
To conquer your hardball hysteria:
It'd probably be best to search just west
Of a downtown area.

To win this baseball game,
Find a park to stake your claim;
Then make your dowses near a dozen houses
Across a street with the same name.

My across-and-down machinations
Should narrow the field of locations;
Pay special attention to clues that make mention
Of both of those orientations.

By now you should be on your way,
To claiming a big league payday;
Go 'round the horn to clear the thorn,
And turn two for a double play!

Everybody, hold on to your butts;
The answer to solving your ruts:
Think 14 for Cubs—with brickwork and shrubs—
Step up to the plate; take your cuts!

This mini-hunt's been lots of fun;
The ballgame is pretty much done;
To gain coronation, use this combination:
Five eight, seven seven, seven one.

I may have committed some sins,
In setting up these pins;
But aside from their name, there's not much the same
Between our Twin City park twins.

Remember, of course, to bring
A phone to claim your series ring;
For everyone's sake, pretend like Drake,
And make that hotline bling!

“It ain't over, 'til it's over.” –Yogi Berra

On the eve of the old Ballgame Hunt,
After pulling the Saintly stunt,
From the park, as I trotted—alas!—I was spotted,
Putting Whitney and Sam out in front;

'Til contacted by an advisor,
The spotter, Sam, was none the wiser;
But Jana phoned in: "Your way has a twin!"—
With Kenwood the common divisor.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis,
In the shadow of Kenwood's castle-bricks,
Alex and Matt both stepped up to bat,
In a space still just too large to grapple with.

So, keeping their eye on the ball,
When the seven o'clock clue did fall,
They rounded their base, and swiftly made haste
For a race to the bag in Saint Paul!

In a play that will forever stun—
I still can't believe that he won—
Koskie the Great beat the play at the plate,
For an inside-the-park home run!

And Sam, who was there at the park
To see me slink off in the dark,
Was there with the tag to secure the bag,
But just barely missed the mark.

So Koskie decided to share
With the newly engaged pair;
Since the park in Saint Paul was so comically small,
He said that it seemed only fair.

But that's only half of the story;
Matt was still destined for glory:
The very next day, he turned the double-play,
And the rest, as they say, is his-tory.

Crossword Puzzle Solution

So why did the Taller Twin's treasure
Seem just a bit off of the measure?
When making my drops, I spotted the cops
Preparing to bust up youths' pleasure:

As their fireworks burst in the air,
The teens carried on, unaware,
So southward I slinked, to a downed tree, distinct,
Where I left half the treasured pair.

Though watching the teenagers flee
Was a humorous bonus for me,
Fear crystallized when I soon recognized
I was lurking behind a tree.

Dodging a squad car's spotlight,
I tip-toed away from the site,
Then let out a sigh and waved goodbye
As I rode off into the night.

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