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Congratulations to Team STAT!
Steven Sanftner and Matthew Koskie
Winners of the February 2018 Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

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The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

February 11-22, 2018

($500 as of 9:00am 2/20/18)

The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt is back in full effect!
But first let's take a moment here to ponder and reflect:
Last time 'round the jewel was found by Amy, Craig, and Josh;
They hit the bricks, outfoxed our bluff, and won it all, by gosh!

Since then it's been about a year, and in that time we've learned
That treasure hunters truly do not fancy getting burned.
So to that end, we did amend and alter this hunt's theme,
To faithfully concoct for you another fiendish scheme.

Our hunt begins on the eleventh; don't get left behind—
Scour the cities, crack the clues, and you'll be on the find.
Enrollment's begun; get in on the fun and join our treasure fray—
Sweeten the pot and donate now to register today!

Begun at last we have, the fifth great TC Treasure chase!
Reason with wit and logic sound to find our hiding place.
As ever, the jewel—so goes the rule—must be found through fair play:
Don't be a dummy; don't break the law—it's always been that way.

Just to be clear, that means it won't be found on private land,
And do not damage property or trees, lest ye be banned.
Now join in song, or hum along—it's not so hard to do—
And sing with us The Ballad of Cluemaster and Me2.

The stone is nestled in the snow; it's hidden well and good—
Leave the beaten path behind; you'll find it in the wood.
You'd be forgiven for being driven to think we might be bluffin',
And end up on a wild-goose chase in search of our MacGuffin.

Even though it's treasure perfection for which we always strive,
On a scale from one to ten, this one would rate about a five.
It isn't the season, but that's no reason not to have a picnic,
And if you need a place to sit, choose from a nearby triptych.

Our estimate is rough at best—we ask for latitude, please;
The rock is at a mark that measures forty-five degrees.
Investigate a strong featherweight to find our hidden item,
Or hop from park to park to park—to park, ad infinitum.

Determine the significance of triple ones and eights
To an ever-stricter area wherein your fortune waits—
Two bridges in view, and skyscrapers too, from where we left the find—
A treasure hidden in plain sight; the youngest of five of its kind.

Hoping to fulfill their childhood dreams of fame and glory,
They do their best to navigate and judge the territory;
To cross the earth and prove their worth upon a rink of ice,
And sweep a pathway to the gold with Minnesota Nice.

A mystique of history surrounds and permeates the trails—
Illuminate the spot with one of our cities' hallmark ales.
Treasure moonlighters and mapmaker writers—both deal in vague arcana;
We span terrain through night and day, with frutti di cosmo our manna.

The prize is yours if you just put the legwork in to claim it;
To give yourself an edge, you'll have to find our tune and name it.
Though never chart toppers, for local track poppers, they still knew how to please;
To keep this hunt burning, you'll probably want to learn some Algrenese.

Sorry if we rankle, but today's the day to stump
In the shadow of the tower of a dreary-spoken chump
Accused of colluding to hide his canoodling—the office he disgraced.
Oh by the way, has anyone seen our dog? He's been misplaced.

CLUE #10
Check under the hood to fix your motor and solve the bloody tale:
She stopped to admire a gorgeous view, but toppled by the rail;
Thereby, to the ice, she fell for a price more horrifying than Vincent,
South of the borderline sight near where it ended in an instant.

CLUE #11
If you're stuck, don't dawdle; you could still be the treasure boaster:
The jewel's still hidden—Go and rip a tag off of the poster!
Don't get caught snoring; heed our imploring—Find the secret stash!
Then take the fob and locomote—Unlock our musical cache!

Once you learn the song you'll be approaching treasure glory—
Double-check your map, then follow the river to follow the story.
Look to the east of the once-roaring beast, on a line from the trestle remade,
To take this hunt out with a bang and finally grasp the jade.

CLUE #12
'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free to choose the path you forge;
You'll find the gem on the eastern bank of Mississippi Gorge:
Make a track to a beaver's snack to finally claim the purse
At a park upon the river that meanders like our verse.

The song "Milk Serenade" was our melodic dedication—
Superposed in a quantum state of city, region, and nation:
A ruined antique, the spot you seek took longer to build than it lasted,
Utilized for just five years, 'til out of the stream it was blasted.

At the point of a triangle made from a pair of intersecting trees—
One askew, the other plumb, in a near-isosceles—
Try to wrangle and disentangle our gleaming emerald skein,
To climb the podium and claim the gold upon the frozen plain.

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