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Congratulations, Amy and Josh Ellingson, and Craig Heinen
Winners of the March 2017 Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

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The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

March 15-26, 2017

($250 as of 9:45pm 3/22/17)

First off, let's congratulate the Wilms for last year's win,
And take a moment to acknowledge just how long it's been.
Keen to join us on hunt four? — Please register today!
Everyone who joins in early saves five bucks that way.

Now that winter's end is near, we're up to our old tricks:
Every day at noon from March fifteen through twenty-six,
We'll publish a new clue for you, and narrow down the spot,
So donate now, then go out, find the jewel, and claim the pot!

The fourth Great TC Treasure Hunt has finally begun!
Now let's review some simple rules before we start the fun:
Suffice it to say, don't dig, destroy, or search on private ground;
Now get out there and hit the bricks—there's treasure to be found!

It's not only true of the beautiful view, but the item for which you vie:
Deep and blue, in a sparkling hue, as water reflects the sky.
Eyes on the prize and ear to the ground, you're sure to hit a snag,
So trust your instincts, follow the clues, and this one's in the bag.

Be on alert for wildlife as you traipse across the knoll:
Rabbits, birds, and squirrels would all be common on your stroll;
You might see deer or foxes out there playing in the woods,
None the wiser to our little game of find-the-goods.

Most of the snow has melted, so the spot should be revealed;
All you have to do is make your way across the field.
Where to look is up to you, but this might pare it down:
Red of brick and gold of grass, with earth of deepest brown.

Load your crew into the car and take them to the park;
Uniting with a team is a great way to find the mark:
Cheering for each other, telling jokes, outdoing pals,
Enjoying scenery and having fun with all the guys and gals.

Lo and behold, you'll be on the gold if you can find safe harbor;
If not, look for a refuge of impressive, soaring arbor:
Needly pine and leafy oak all through the park, dispersing,
Each a guardian of the meadow through which you're traversing.

So here we are, the mid-way point; clue six of this year's quest.
Our treasure still has not been claimed; to this we can attest:
Find it in the town where leaders once agreed to strike.
The open spaces that you seek are not at all alike.

"Believing is seeing" goes the saying, or is it the other way 'round?
At any rate, in this year's hunt, the adage may not be so sound.
Locally, this year we'll see another mayoral tussle,
Likely coming down to who can flex their political muscle.

Revel in the splendor as you overlook the basin,
And please forgive the craftsmanship of this amateur mason;
If you fancy yourself a disciple of the purple paisley geek,
Look out on the skyline when you claim the jewel you seek.

Ring the changes as you go galumphing through the glade,
Out amongst the goldenrod and lily-leaved twayblade.
And if you've outfoxed our Jabberwocky, search for the first tree;
Don't hesitate! Your feet already know where they want you to be.

CLUE #10
At a loss for where to look? Don't know quite what to say?
Reappraise the hiding spot—so close, and yet so far away.
Edge your way toward the jewel; watch out for neighbor huts' glint;
Assess conflagration and precipitation if you still need a hint.

CLUE #11
Like a pest, that restless feeling's been preying on your mind,
Lurking in the forest, neighboring the borderline,
Reaching out like someone just an inch from whose grip hovered
Elusive treasure in the wild, still waiting, undiscovered.

CLUE #12
Depending on us to spell it out will lead to complications;
Hung up on Minneapolis? Your plan needs alterations.
Et tu, Brute?—If you feel betrayed, so sorry to confuse;
Remember to beware the Ides and watch out for fake news.

Run down the stairs from one park to the next, then up the lane;
If you're out of the woods and in the clear, head west across the plain.
Now head back to the drawing board if you want to claim the clams:
Go through the last eight clues to find and solve the anagrams.

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