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Congratulations, Josh Ellingson (and Penny!), of Apple Valley!
Winner of the February 2015 Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

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The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

February 13-24, 2015

($350 as of 9:00am 2/24/15)

As a child, I walked these towns in search of buried treasure.
But now those days have gone, and writing clues is more my pleasure.
So if you'll have me, I've prepared another expedition:
To go—should you accept your mission.

No newspapers or colder clans are to this hunt affiliated,
But hopefully, when all is said and done, they'll be conciliated.
When's this thing begin, you ask? So glad to hear you're keen!
The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt starts Friday, the thirteen.

Minneapolis! Welcome to the treasure hunting fold!
Even St. Paul folks're happy that you've been enrolled.
Claim your Independence! Stay out of the roughs.
Council with your buddies, but don't fall for any bluffs!

Keep off of private land—remember: don't dig up the earth.
Golf courses and beaches: out of bounds, for what it's worth.
All right, now let's get going: Don't just sit there, my good friend;
Get up, the rooster's crowing! It's no time to play pretend.

A single footfall starts the journey of two thousand miles:
Step by step, untangle our tribulations and trials.
Let us remind you that there is no cheating on this test,
But a scowling teacher is the key to this, our treasure quest.

A man, a plan, a canal, they say; it's really just that easy.
But patience is a virtue, too—or does waiting make you queasy?
A mostly-senseless knight defenseless to our gem is clinging;
Sparkling in the snow—we left it there—our hearts were singing.

Kansas and Nebraska, Wyoming and Idaho:
St.s might not be everything when hunting, don't ya know.
Albans, Dennis, Anthony, Charles, Peter, and Clair:
Patronizing St.s might have you pulling out your hair.

Life's a game sometimes, it seems: you often play the fool.
Save your soul if you were meant to find our hidden jewel.
Think South—not North, nor East or West—to eat, pray, play, and live.
Life went awry for a man nearby who had but one to give.

One and one is two, of course, and two and two is four.
To find the gem, don't haw and hem—make tracks; get out the door!
Don't forget to bring your mitt, just like back at the 'dome:
One Hunter learned the hard way there's no place like home, sweet home.

Hamlet's amount will lead you nearly straight up to the prize,
And a killer in the ring should help you cut it down to size.
The question of who's meeker can be one that overwhelms men;
Think of flight and whether wrong or right to tout a helmsman.

The stakes are high. The cards are out. The money's on the table.
It's time for you to call our bluff—that is, if you are able:
One card short—missed the flush! The dealer failed to deliver;
Don't be upset when you get all wet if you attempt to ford the river.

Find a path amongst our words, and take it to the keep:
Slosh your oxen through the ruts, through dust six inches deep.
Young man or lady, will you go uncover our hallowed grail?
Circle the wagons—Westward ho!—and take the Oregon Trail.

There rose a city in the West, and—city hall permitting—
To place a bird upon its crest would certainly be fitting.
Our prize, it lies right near two other gemstones in the rough;
A local-boy-done-good of ours once wrote about this stuff.

CLUE #10
If this hunt gives you nothing but stress and anxieties,
You might want to try adding in some more varieties.
In case it wasn't obvious by now, Saint Paul is out,
So have a little chuckle if you never had a doubt!

CLUE #11
By now you know our Oregon Trail is Portland Avenue,
But that route's would-be hiding places number quite a few.
South of Minnehaha Creek is where you'll find the spot.
Now, on your mark, go to the park that erases a red dot.

Name a James who's frosty and whom all the girls adore,
Right by near where you might hear an iron lion's roar.
You've hit the nail right on the head, now stop and take a look:
Of this hunt it cannot be said it wasn't by the book.

CLUE #12
Todd Park in Minneapolis, just east of Diamond Lake,
On Portland Ave at 57th—the treasure's yours to take!
Follow the trail at a grueling pace until you find a bench.
The Official TC Treasure Jewel lies near for you to clench.

If you still can't find it, make your way to diamond number three,
Then find a spot where not too long ago there stood a tree.
From the stump ten paces toward the lake, just for good measure,
A book of verses even worse than ours conceals the treasure.

Congratulations, Josh (and Penny)! It's truly been a pleasure.
Our page now turns on the first of many hunts for TC Treasure.
Mark my words, you boys and girls, you treasure fools and sages:
Our second hunt will surely be another for the ages.

Now those who thought the jeweler's jewel was hidden in St. Paul:
Our next time 'round, a crueler coup will seek to get your gall.
Gotta go, but this has truly been one to remember.
Oh, one more thing: Here's hoping you will join us in November.

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