TC Treasure

The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt

July 26-August 6, 2019

Find the Treasure!
Search for The Official TC Treasure within the city limits of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Don't be a dummy. Don't break the law.

Get a Clue!
A new clue will be posted at at 9:00am every day from the first day of the hunt until the last—or until the treasure has been claimed (whichever occurs first).

Sweeten the Pot!
Hunters who register by donating $10 to the TC Treasure pot before the first clue is posted—or $15 after the first clue is posted but before the fourth clue is posted—will be eligible to claim the full prize amount. All others will be eligible to claim half the pot.

* A small processing fee will be added to your your donation.

Call the Hunt Hotline!
If you'd like a status update, call 651-504-HUNT (4868). While you're at it, wait for the beep and leave us a message with theories, jokes, bawdy limericks—what have you.

Claim the Prize!
The treasure will be hidden with instructions on how to claim the prize. At 9:00pm the day after the final clue is posted, any portion of the pot that remains unclaimed will be rolled into the prize for the next Great TC Treasure Hunt.

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