The Inver Grove Trove Treasure Hunt — CLUE #7

The time has come for the final scrum,
To claim the cache and win the sum;
Flip the MacGuffin and make your mark
At Marianna Ranch Trails Park!

To find El Dorado requires bravado—
With Almquist, Alverno, and Alvarado;
From rocks in a row, embark on the trail
To the hidden glade of our holy grail!

Enter the fold through red and gold;
Remember that fortune favors the bold—
An overgrown path descends to the north;
Don't be frightened, just sally forth!

So on that basis, it's off to the races;
From trail to treasure, fifty paces—
The forest cove contains the Trove
And the Crystal Puck of Inver Grove!

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