Ramsey County Bounty — CLUES EXPLAINED
  • Overall, this clue is meant to suggest hunters search the former Burr Street Bridge site ("a way to get across town;" "beam to girder;" "a converter to carry them;" "Decades on, it's mostly gone, but the site remains unique") on Phalen Boulevard, at the edge of the Railroad Island neighborhood (or "the isle") of Saint Paul. The tokens were scattered to both the north and south of Phalen.
  • "built a converter" anagrams to "Bruce Vento Trail," which runs parallel to Phalen Boulevard through the hiding spot; one of the five tokens was hidden in a small trailside mini-park marking the former bridge site.
  • "An iron lattice apparatus marks the location you seek" is meant to suggest the pair of iron railings—at which three of the five tokens were hidden—that mark off the bridge's former northern and southern ends. The railings have been repurposed to form a pair of overlooks at the dead ends left by the bridge's mid-2000s removal.

  • The first hint is meant to suggest the early-Saint Paul settler (and likely murderer) Edward Phelan—the decidedly unsaintly figure for whom many things in the Saintly City are named, including Phalen Park, Phalen Creek, the Payne-Phalen neighborhood, and, of course, Phalen Boulevard—which cuts directly through the center of this hunt's hiding spot at the former Burr Street Bridge site:
    • According to Phelan's military record, he had "Gray eyes, brown hair, complexion fair" and stood at "six foot two and a half" inches.
    • Phelan was discharged from Fort Snelling in June of 1838 ("His marching orders from headquarters: relieved from general staff").
    • In September of 1839, suspicion fell on Phelan for the murder of John Hays ("The rest of his days were mired in a haze so grisly and suspicious").
    • In 1850, Phelan was killed while fleeing charges of perjury; according to Wikipedia: "Due to his behavior, his companions felt compelled to kill him in self-defense" ("Few were surprised when a man so despised met with an end so vicious").
  • The second hint is meant to reiterate the Burr Street Bridge site's features ("stone abutments," "blocks," "the railin'") while also hinting at the names of Burr Street, the Bruce Vento trail, the small prize hidden with each token, and the site's location within the Payne-Phalen and Railroad Island neighborhoods:
    • While "Brrr!" is a fairly direct reference to Burr Street, "Take your best shot at the hiding spot" is meant to suggest an infamous episode from American history—in which Thomas Jefferson's former Vice President Aaron Burr dueled, shot, and killed fellow founding father Alexander Hamilton.
    • "race against the wind" is meant to suggest hunters search for a site along the Bruce Vento Regional Trail ("Vento" is Italian for "wind").
    • "blocks from hutments" is meant to suggest the hiding spot's location down the road from Saint Paul's historic Swede Hollow neighborhood; one of the city's historic immigrant enclaves, the city labeled it a public health hazard and burned it to the ground on December 11, 1956. Additionally, the hiding spot is just west of Eastside Heritage Park, where a temporary encampment has been set up by people experiencing displacement.
    • "where your prize is pinned" is meant to suggest the small prize—a little, red "TC" logo button—hidden with each token.
    • "railin'" is also meant to reinforce the Railroad Island neighborhood.
    • "the pain of failin'" is meant to suggest hunters limit their search to the Payne-Phalen neighborhood of Saint Paul.
  • The final hint is meant to narrow down the location of the final two tokens, while laying bare their hiding spot:
    • "north and south, top and bottom" is meant to suggest hunters search for the last two tokens on high ground and low ground—to the north and south, respectively.
    • "take a gander at Alexander (or rather, the damn fool that shot him)" is meant to reinforce the earlier Aaron Burr reference, while including a lyric from the musical "Hamilton" (sung by the Burr character).
    • "Mission accomplished to fanfare pompous; a tour of mass distraction— / He looked so cute in his little flight suit, just like a real man of action" is a reference to President George W. Bush's 2003 invasion of Iraq under the pretext of having discovered weapons of mass destruction, and the infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech that proceeded it by just a month and change. This was meant to suggest Bush Avenue—an access road that runs adjacent to the base of the old southern abutment of the Burr Street Bridge (where the last of the five tokens was recovered).

Angela Hershberger & Chris Sawyer
Ben Fischer, Saint Paul
Jadin & Sherry Jackson, Roseville
Steven Sanftner, Saint Paul
Alex Valen, Minneapolis

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