Time Travel Treasure Hunt — CLUE #12 (November 16, 1955 — 9:00AM)
CLUE #12 (November 16, 1955 — 9:00AM)

For the grand finale, head down to the Valley by catching the one-thirty-one,
Then strap on your skis and glide with ease—quickly through the run!
Find the ranch by the broken branch and look beneath the leaves,
Then steal from the tower to harness the power—a pair as thick as thieves!

With locations scouted and journey routed, head for your final goal:
Make the score and hurry, before things spiral out of control!
To gain possession of flux compression—and claim the mystery chest—
Hop on your horse and chart your course into the wild, wild west!

To resolve all matters of formers and latters, follow the archers' arrow;
Then use your map to spot the gap and search where waters narrow.
Amid the sedge near river's edge, where once resort grounds stood:
Downstream, northbound—just limbo 'round the hellish wall of wood.

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