Time Travel Treasure Hunt — CLUE #1 (November 5, 1955 — 9:00AM)
CLUE #1 (November 5, 1955 — 9:00AM)

Attention, time travelers and mystery unravellers: The hunt is underway!
In this edition of our treasure mission, be sure to seize the day;
If you're up to the test of our temporal quest, plunge in, set out—embark!
To find the jewel, obey this rule: Search a public park.

From Peabody's farm—away from harm—to a lovely, quiet dale;
Head for the hills, where nature thrills, to follow the sci-fi tale.
Make a break from the waterless lake, or slide down the slope on your sledge;
You might be wise to look for the prize just off the water's edge.

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