Hennepin County Bounty — CLUES EXPLAINED
  • "the right match—fraternal, natch—in a sister and her brother" and "the gemini" are meant to suggest the search area for the Hennepin County Bounty tokens: Twin Lakes Park in Saint Louis Park.
  • "natch" is meant to suggest Natchez Avenue, which runs into Twin Lakes Park at West 26th Street.
  • "a sister and her brother" is also meant to suggest Benilde-Saint Margaret's Catholic School—adjacent to Twin Lakes Park to the west. The high school was formed from the 1974 co-ed merger of the schools of Benilde (founded by the Christian Brothers) and St. Margaret's, (founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet).
  • "a town in the spirit of another" is meant to suggest searching in one city with a name that calls to mind another—specifically one associated with the words "the spirit of" (i.e. Saint Louis Park).
  • "spark a twinkle" anagrams to "Twin Lakes Park" (the search area for the hunt), while "a clever wrinkle" could be taken to suggest the significance of the preceding phrase (which could in turn be taken to perhaps suggest the feeling of solving an anagram?).
  • "wrinkle" could also be taken to suggest the small piece of cotton fabric that concealed each token.
  • "The park's mystique...is more than meets the eye." is meant to suggest how Twin Lakes Park—with its playground, ballfields, and gazebo—may appear at first blush to be a more traditional community park, but upon exploration reveals several paths, nooks, and crannies—perfect for treasure hunting.
  • "the treasure you seek—is more than meets the eye" is meant to suggest the small Transformers toy hidden with each token ("More than meets the eye™" is the Transformers' famous tagline). 
  • The clue was posted with a historical photograph of the Saint Louis Park Hotel; this was meant to suggest hunters search for the tokens in the city of Saint Louis Park (The hotel was at times also referred to as the "Hinkle Hotel;" the Cluewriter's use of "twinkle" and "wrinkle," paired with the photograph, may have led hunters astray to Jorvig Park—just across Cedar Lake trail from the hotel's old location).
  • "The neighborhood's name could help with your aim" is meant to suggest searching the Lake Forest neighborhood of St. Louis Park—for a forested area around Twin Lakes.
  • "look in each cranny and nook the lakeside park has to offer" is meant to suggest finding lesser-explored regions within Twin Lakes Park—notably in an area east of the Benilde-St. Margaret's track, an area along the park's eastern edge, and a small section along Cedarwood Road to the north.
  • "search the wood—both in and beneath (and behind)" is meant to suggest the nature of the tokens' hiding spots—each was hidden in a wooded area, under or behind pieces of wood (whether tree bark or collapsed bench slats).
  • "sports, forts, and fallen supports" is meant to suggest the final three tokens' hiding spots: in the woods east of the Benilde-St. Margaret's track, past a pair of old shot-put rings; near a makeshift fort in the eastern woods of the park; and under an old, collapsed bench in the park's small northern section.
  • "down to the wire" is meant to suggest searching for one of the final tokens (and in a park) along the St. Louis Park eruvaccording to a Star Tribune article: "a [symbolic] boundary around the area’s Orthodox Jewish community that allows its members to do certain activities, such as carrying things... on the Sabbath."
  • "To find ... Megatron ... you'll be warmer searching the eastern lands" is meant to suggest searching for the bad guy in the eastern woods of Twin Lakes Park, at the base of a tree near a large, makeshift fort woven from fallen branches.
  • "our hero Optimus Prime...'s in a northern spot—beneath an old bench" is meant to suggest the location of the Autobots' leader: under the slats of an old, collapsed bench in the park's small northern section.
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