Anoka County Bounty — CLUES EXPLAINED
  • "Outer Rim" is meant to suggest searching along the boundary of Anoka County for Dayton Port Roadside Park in Ramsey, at the southwestern corner of the county.
  • "Leia, Han, and Chewie" is meant to suggest the LEGO Mini-figures of Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca that were hidden with tokens at Dayton Port Park.
  • Princess Leia was hidden under leaves, at the base of a stump, in a stand of birch trees near the west edge of the park.
  • Han Solo was hidden in a small knothole in a large tree near a picnic shelter in the park's southwestern corner.
  • Chewbacca was hidden approximately halfway between Han and Leia, in a tree near the west edge of the park.
  • "Scattered and strewn on a distant moon" is meant to suggest that the Mini-figures were hidden throughout the park, and that, as hiding spots go, Dayton Port Park is relatively far-flung when compared to TC Treasure's usual locus of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
  • "spaceport" is meant to suggest Dayton Port Roadside Park, and could be taken to suggest the many parking spaces throughout the transit-based rest area.
  • "pods" is meant to suggest the plastic pods that contained the tokens—each hidden along with a different Star Wars LEGO Mini-figure.
  • "Boba Fett" is meant to suggest a Mini-figure of the infamous bounty hunter that was hidden in the base of a tree near the northeastern corner of the park (which, unfortunately, went missing sometime after hiding).
  • "station" is meant to suggest the weigh station situated adjacent to Dayton Port Park on Highway 10.
  • "old outpost" is meant to suggest Itasca Village—a townsite that once existed at the modern-day site of Dayton Port Park.
  • "along the coast" is meant to suggest Dayton Port Roadside Park's location on the Mississippi River.
  • "ancient cargo route" is meant to suggest the old Pembina Ox Cart Trail, which stopped a long, long time ago at the Itasca Village townsite once situated at the hiding spot of Dayton Port Park; a remnant of the trail can still be traced along a small depression through the west end of the park.
  • "await" and "hold" are meant to suggest a rest area—Dayton Port Roadside Park's primary function.
  • "a rescue mission courtesy of an old friend" is meant to suggest the final LEGO Mini-figure: our heroes' "old friend" Lando Calrissian—hidden in a hollow log at the south end of the park, just east of a rocky culvert leading to the river; it is also meant to hint at a bonus prize, just across the culvert.
  • Symera” is an anagram for Ramsey—the city where Dayton Port Roadside Park is located.
  • Catasi” is an anagram for Itasca—the village once located at Dayton Port Park, and described on a historical marker therein.
  • The “bonus prize” for this bounty was a miniature LEGO Millennium Falcon, hidden in a tree near the Lando Calrissian pod, in a small black pouch marked with a red "TC" button (“Shadow Bird” is a nickname for the Millennium [i.e. “thousand years”] Falcon from the Star Wars Expanded Universe).

Ed Brodie, Maplewood
Steven Sanftner, Saint Paul
Matt Littlefield, Apple Valley
Ben Fischer, Saint Paul

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