Scott County Bounty — CLUE EXPLAINED
  • The first three lines of this clue direct hunters to "fields and courts" for "five" different "Fair-weather games" (in this case volleyball, skateboarding, basketball, baseball, and tennis), and nudge them away from ice "rinks," while the final line suggests the tokens' "aptly-named" shoreside hiding "spot" within Scott County: Lakefront Park—a place "in two ways antecedent" thanks to its name ("Lakefront") and its location at the edge of Prior Lake's namesake basin.
  • "This wintry soil is the perfect foil" is meant to suggest hunters search on the ground for the tokens—each wrapped in silver aluminum foil, with a corner peeking just out of the surface of the snow.
  • "Draw your lot" is meant to suggest Lakefront Park's several parking lots—specifically those near the volleyball court and skatepark, basketball court, baseball field, and tennis courts.
Ed Brodie, Maplewood (Basketball Court)
Josh Ellingson, Apple Valley (Volleyball Court)
Shawn Gallahue, South Saint Paul (Baseball Field)
Kim Murray Bauer, South Saint Paul (Tennis Court)
Lola Littlefield, Apple Valley (Skatepark)

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