The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt — CLUE #11
CLUE #11

Make a pilgrimage along the halcyon path you pursue.
What you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you—
The man from Tarsus brings catharsis; heed his words and actions.
Follow in his footsteps from Jerusalem to Athens.

Adventure calls just west of the walls, in a thicket down the road;
Go to church to make your search and finally decipher our code.
A gold-topped interloper tips the scales of poetic justice—
Impressive words near a home for birds; the stone's still waiting, trust us

The race is on, along the wooded avenue, at last.
Search the route for our Brig o' Doon, by the site of a starting blast—
Between the two, you'll find our secret grove of paradise—
Not only does this hunt go to eleven, it goes to eleven twice.

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