Carver County Bounty — CLUE EXPLAINED
  • "trek" and "It's really quite a haul" are meant to suggest this hunt's (relatively) long distance from our usual stomping grounds in the Twin Cities proper.
  • "It's really quite a haul" is also meant to suggest the old District 76 Schoolhouse in Hollywood Township—the hiding place for this hunt, also known as old Hollywood Town Hall.
  • "a lot of sand" is meant to suggest the sand parking lot at Hollywood Town Hall—as well as the softball fields, outdoor volleyball courts, and parking lots directly across the street at the Hollywood Sports Complex.
  • "keep your eye on the ball" is meant to suggest Hollywood Sports Complex's softball fields, across the street from Hollywood Town Hall.
  • "waiting for the sun" is meant to suggest Minnesota band The Jayhawks' song of the same name; the song is the first track on their 1992 album Hollywood Town Hall, named for the building in Carver County—which is featured prominently on the album art.
  • "La La Land" and "cameo" are meant to suggest Hollywood Township, and the old town hall.
  • "board the ship" is meant to suggest Hollywood Township.
  • "take it with you when you go" is a reference to another Jayhawks song—"Take Me With You When You Go"—also from their album Hollywood Town Hall.
Matt Koskie, Hastings
Ed Brodie, Maplewood
Barbara Morrow Daenzer, Minneapolis

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