Hennepin County Bounty — CLUE EXPLAINED
  • The first letters in each line of the first stanza—"T," "A," "F," and "T"—spell the name of a potential starting point for this hunt: Taft Park, just across the highway from the hiding spot: MSP International Airport's Aircraft Viewing Area.
  • "The wealth of entrants in attendance" is meant to suggest a "rich" "field"—or Richfield Parkway (itself in Richfield).
  • "attendance" could also be taken to suggest flight attendants—and MSP International.
  • "motored 'round the way" and "where they raced" are meant to suggest Speedway Field—the racetrack and airfield that stood at the present-day site of MSP International in the early 20th Century—becoming, in turn "Snelling Field," then "Wold-Chamberlain Field" (its designation since 1923).
  • "'round" ... "way" is also meant to suggest the traffic circle at the intersection of Richfield Parkway and East 66th Street,
  • "A bullseye placed near where they raced" is meant to suggest a Target store near the hiding spot with a bullseye logo on its roof.
  • "raced" is also an anagram for "cedar"—Cedar Avenue/MN Highway 77 runs north to south, adjacent to MSP International, Target, and Taft Park.
  • "From there, forthwith, to an order of Sith" is meant to suggest Order 66—and East 66th Street.
  • "make your ascent" is meant to suggest hunters head toward the airport.
  • "take the goods from the lanky gent" is meant to suggest taking Cargo Road from Longfellow Avenue to the prize.
  • "Stay in your lane past a starlit domain" is meant to suggest following Cargo Road past Sun Country Cargo.
  • "in the canyon down, / Make your burrow and follow the furrow" is meant to suggest following Cargo Road through the tunnel under the runway...
  • "past the home of Brown," meant to suggest staying the course past UPS.
  • "Emerge at the fold" is meant to suggest continuing on Cargo Road through another tunnel, and once more up onto the field.
  • "chamberlain's wold" is meant to suggest "Wold–Chamberlain Field," the lesser-used designation for Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport—so named in 1923 for Ernest Groves Wold and Cyrus Foss Chamberlain, who lost their lives in combat during World War I.
  • The "quiver of phantom arrows" is the FedEx cargo HQ adjacent to the hiding spot (FedEx famously has an arrow incorporated into the negative space of the "Ex" on its corporate logo).
  • "Take to the skies and find your prize amongst the hawks and sparrows" is meant to suggest MSP International Airport, and its Aircraft Viewing Area—the hiding spot for this hunt's tokens.

This map shows the clues on the route they describe.

Josh Ellingson, Apple Valley
Ed Brodie, Maplewood
Craig Heinen, Richfield
Dana Heinen, Richfield
Dan Schonhardt, Eagan

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