Scott County Bounty — CLUES EXPLAINED
  • secreted with sticks” is meant to suggest the small cedar twigs that concealed each token.
  • remember the number six” is meant to suggest the town of Shakopee, named for the Dakota Chief Sakpe—the Dakota word for “Six.”
  • remember” could also be taken to suggest Memorial Park.
  • gander” could be taken to suggest the park’s many geese and waterfowl.
  • winding meander” is meant to suggest the oxbow lake bend in the Minnesota River just to the north of Memorial Park.
  • the winding meander fiery flying serpent” is meant to suggest the AH-1 Cobra helicopter—replete with sidewinder missiles—that greets visitors to Memorial Park.
  • Pause to reflect” is meant to suggest Memorial Park and its veterans monument and burial mounds; it could also be taken to suggest the park's many informational placards.
  • ‘I don’t get no respect!’” was comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s oft-repeated catch phrase, and is meant to suggest Dangerfield’s Comedy Club to the immediate west of the park.
  • observant” could be taken to suggest Memorial Park, with its veterans monument, burial mounds, and Presbyterian mission site.

  • This hint pinpoints the exact location of the final token (which remains undiscovered): “The crimson mark isin the “narrow notch” between” “two trunks” of “an evergreen” tree visible “From the easternmost spot of a western lot”.

Josh Ellingson, Apple Valley
Ed Brodie, Maplewood
Melissa Littlefield, Apple Valley
Corinn Sagsveen, Minneapolis

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