Anoka County Bounty — CLUES EXPLAINED
  • The use of eye dialect in this clue is meant to suggest a Scottish accent, which is in turn intended to suggest hunters search in Blaine—in particular at Lochness Park.
  • When combined, the first words in each line of the clue—“As,” “Link,” “Lope,” and “Branches”—anagram to “Lochness Park, Blaine,” naming the park where the tokens were hidden.
  • seventeen” is meant to suggest Anoka County Highway 17 (Lexington Avenue), which runs parallel along the western edge of Lochness Park.
  • Link marine biology wi' cryptozoology” is meant to suggest the well known Scottish cryptid, the Loch Ness Monster—in addition to the seashells hidden with (and near) each token in Lochness Park.
  • Link,” “discowre,” and “close in oan th’ pin” are meant to suggest the disc golf course at Lochness Park—near which four of the five tokens were hidden.
  • Cluewriter’s traces” is meant to suggest Johannes’ footprints in the snow, which—along with a breadcrumb trail of seashells—led to each token’s hiding place “joost aff the trail.”
  • closepin” is meant to suggest the clothespin that fixed each token to its hiding place; each was in or on a tree.
  • Branches infinite hem th’ bog wi’in it” is meant to suggest the countless trees surrounding (the redundantly named) Lochness Lake, as well as the Blaine headquarters of Infinite Campus—which looms over the park at its southern end (and acts as a steward of Lochness Park).
  • shell game” is meant to suggest the shell hidden with each token—and the trail of shells leading to each from the main trail.

  • "monstrousness" is meant to suggest the Loch Ness Monster—and Blaine's Lochness Lake and Park.
  • "afore" is meant to suggest disc golf, and in particular hole four—near which the last token was hidden.
  • "afore the nook fae the wey" is meant to suggest searching for the final token between the foot path and hole four.
  • "north o' th' loch n' th' brae" is meant to suggest searching north of Lochness Lake and the massive hill that comprises much of the northern portion of the park.

Ed Brodie, Maplewood
Shawn Gallahue, South Saint Paul
Kim Murray Bauer, South Saint Paul
Matt Littlefield, Apple Valley

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