Washington County Bounty — CLUE EXPLAINED
  • "Shoot an arrow" and "take aim" are meant to suggest searching in a park with an archery range—Pine Tree Pond Park is one of only a handful in Washington County, and the only one in Cottage Grove.
  • "straight and narrow" is meant to suggest the narrow valley that comprises Pine Tree Pond Park, and the (generally) straight path that connects its northern and southern sections.
  • "Namesake needles mark the spot" and "stake claim" are meant to suggest digging in the snow beneath the pine needles that marked each token’s hiding place.
  • "between bystreets" is meant to suggest searching a park in a residential area, off of main roads and between neighborhood streets.
  • "Our treasure cove is in the grove" is meant to suggest searching a park in Cottage Grove.
  • "first responders’ quarters" is meant to suggest the Cottage Grove Fire Department, situated at the northwest corner of Pine Tree Pond Park.
  • "We planted flowers in the snow" is meant to suggest five fake hibiscus flowers buried with the tokens. When taken with the first letter of each line—S-N-O-W—it could be taken to suggest a final clue, hidden vertically within them:
  • The words "happiness," "bystreets," "responders," and "sparkling" contain within them the words "pine," "tree," "pond," and "park"—naming the tokens' hiding place, and positioned to align vertically when the clue is centered, as on the TC Treasure homepage.
Matthew Koskie, Hastings
Ed Brodie, Maplewood
Josh Ellingson, Apple Valley
Craig Heinen, Richfield
Matt Littlefield, Apple Valley

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