Noodle Park Mini-Hunt — CLUE #1

Congratulations to JC—let’s hear it for the guy!
He drummed up quite a bit of noise (Snap, Crackle, and Pop say hi!).
Now the big one’s come and gone, it’s time to have some fun;
Another TC Treasure Noodle Park Mini-Hunt has begun!

This hunt is sequential—serial—so let’s keep things in order;
Butler, Aldine, Minnehaha, and Prior form the border.
Five camps, five champs—please share the clues you find along the way.
And if you’ve brought your kids along, encourage them to play!

Think of an airline some people just didn’t know how to keep aflight—
Quick reminder, would-be finder: Keep the Stack in sight.
Will whomever parked the blue GT, please move it if you’re able?
I hope it’s all right for me to pay you underneath the table.

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