The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt — CLUE #12
CLUE #12

Follow the path of the purple arrow, shimmering, aglow—
For a distance on a beeline of about four miles or so—
From our virtuoso maestoso’s posthumous duet,
To the purifying waters of a laughing rivulet.

That ain’t Lake Minnetonka (it never hurts to remind),
But search a spot where her waters flow from right to left, behind.
Keep in sight the flashing light—and the purple banana, too—
Our regal, love-symbolic jewel is waiting there for you.

From the stream it’s just a hop, a skip, and then a jump;
Underneath some twigs and leaves—downhill from the bump—
Find the swag inside a bag—it’s camouflaged and bound;
The jewel is near the branches reaching out to scrape the ground.


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