Bon Appétit Mini-Hunt — CLUES EXPLAINED
  • "A hiding place with downtown views" is meant to suggest that the treasure is hidden behind a  tiny elf door on the southern shore of Lake Harriet—from which you can view the Downtown Minneapolis skyline. This could, however, be taken to suggest any number of places in either Minneapolis or Saint Paul.
  • The English translations for the French terms in this clue are "Good morning, all!", "Have a good meal", "Twin Cities", "it's so beautiful", and "fine dining", respectively.

  • «promenade» is meant to suggest that the treasure is hidden on a pathway along a body of water.
  • The translations in this clue are "waterfront/walk" and "hurry up".

  • «ENTRÉE» is French for "entry"—and could be taken to suggest finding an entryway.
  • The first letter of each line in this clue spells out "MELLON,"—an Elvish word for "friend" from The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien. Gandalf the Grey utters this word when prompted by the Elvish inscription above the Doors of Durin: "Speak, friend, and enter." This is meant to suggest finding an elfin door.
  • «bêtes fantastiques» ("fantastic beasts") is meant to suggest that you are looking for a mythical creature, or, in this case, his abode.
  • "verdant land" is meant to suggest the green ash tree which acts as home to the Lake Harriet Elf.
  • «Enchanté» is a common greeting, akin to "nice to meet you," in French—but literally means "enchanted." This is meant to reinforce the mythos of this hunt's hiding spot.
  • "Look through your dictionary; search it well from A to Z" is meant to suggest searching Minneapolis' alphabetical avenues, from Aldrich to Zenith, for the prize.
  • "stormy phantom" anagrams to "Marty Thompson," for whom a bench near the hiding spot is dedicated "in loving memory."
  • "west of an old man" is meant to suggest that the treasure is hidden on the west side of the Mississippi ("Old Man River," colloquially).
  • "No two ways about it, here" is meant to suggest Lake Harriet Parkway and bike path—both of which are one-way around the lake.
  • The translations in this clue are "fantastic beasts" and "Nice to meet you/Enchanted!".

  • «Il était une fois» and «heureux pour toujours» are French for "Once upon a time" and "happily ever after," respectively. This is meant to reinforce the idea of looking for a mythical creature or some kind of fairy.
  • "fairy tales" could be taken to suggest searching for stories about elves—in this case that of the Lake Harriet Elf, also known as "Mr. Little Guy", who for twenty years has dutifully written over 2000 letters to the children of Minneapolis.
  • "Marty's «nom de plume royale»," or "Marty's royal pen name" is meant to suggest looking for the aforementioned bench, dedicated to Marty Thompson, and that the prize is hidden on the path nearby, between where Queen and Penn Avenues intersect Lake Harriet Parkway.
  • "I believe in you" is Mr. Little Guy's signature phrase.
  • "Four years gone, though not forgotten" is meant to suggest that it has been four years since Marty Thompson passed away, per the dates on the bench dedicated to her.
  • "A «château» in the east" is meant to suggest Mr. Little Guy's winter home, as well as the location of the treasure in relation to the Marty Thompson bench.
  • The translations in this clue are "Once upon a time", "royal pen name", and "happily ever after". 

  • This clue is meant to indicate the treasure's approximate location, and to reinforce earlier clues.
  • The translations in this clue are "Take it, quickly—right away!—to the shores of Harriet", "bench", and "little family".

CAFÉ (Unpublished)
  • The translations in this clue are "Find a little fellow" and "Speak, friend, and enter".

  • Before the Mini-Hunt began—and throughout the hunt itself—Elvish script for the word "mellon" would fade in slowly at the bottom of the TC Treasure home page. As explained above for the Entrée clue, "mellon" is J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish word for "friend," and is used as an open sesame at the enchanted Doors of Durin ("Speak, friend, and enter.").

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