Ramsey County Bounty — CLUE EXPLAINED
  • The "idyllic and picturesque hillock" is the main hill that forms College Park—the medallion's would-be hiding spot—located in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood of Saint Paul.
  • The medallion ("grail") would be hidden "at the base of a crooked tree," "down in the dale" at the bottom of the park's main hill.
  • "central, to a degree" is meant to point out the tree's approximate location within—while also generally suggesting—College Park.
  • "go back to school" is meant to suggest College Park, while "park" is meant to reinforce the fact that the medallion would, indeed, be hidden in a park (per the clue contest's rules).
  • "within the park you'll glean / The timeworn dates on fossil plates of Guttersen, Cady, and Green" is meant to suggest three plaques, attached to large rocks and scattered throughout the park in memory of Gilbert Guttersen, Leroy Cady, and Samuel B. Green.

Steve Worthman, St. Paul

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