The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt — CLUES EXPLAINED
  • The first letters of each line in this clue spell "ELSA ANNA"—the main characters from the Disney film "Frozen"—while the final three words ("let it go") name drop the film's Oscar-winning song "Let It Go". This is meant to suggest the MacGuffin for the hunt: a small, blue, heart-shaped "Frozen" coin purse, featuring Elsa and Anna on the front.
  • The "tiny, hidden grove" you were looking for was Perry Garden—a small community garden on the boulevard of Midway Parkway at Hamline Avenue.

  • "Scavenger alumnae" anagrams to both "Anagram even clues" and "Anagram clue seven" — instructions for later clues.
  • "give away" could be taken to suggest Midway Parkway.
  • "don't assume ... we'd give away our treasure for a song" is meant to suggest the "Let It Go" reference in Clue #1, and that searching for large-scale pointers based on that, or any, song would be "in the wrong."

  • This clue is meant to suggest that hunters will have to "move some leaves and brush"—cedar leaves, in particular—in order to uncover the jewel.
  • "to put the cart before the horse would be a big mistake" is meant to suggest that taking Dan Patch Avenue—which continues Midway Parkway's route westward, into the Minnesota State Fairgrounds—would be a bad idea (Dan Patch was a world-famous harness racing horse; more on him in Clue #5).
  • "What do you call a blue bird with four legs, one of them broken?" is meant to suggest a blue U.S. Postal Service mailbox—with a rusty, bent leg—adjacent to the hiding spot at Hamline Avenue and Midway Parkway.

  • "A harpist sits" anagrams to "This is Sparta!"—a line from the movie 300, which tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, and the Spartan King Leonidas. — Hamline Avenue is named for Leonidas Hamline.
  • "a path that wends" is meant to suggest a nearby pathway in Como Park, which leads almost directly to the treasure.
  • "back in time to the beginnings of the ends" references the the first letters of each line in the conclusions of four TC Treasure hunts to date: the Hunt On A Stick, the Bon Appétit Mini-Hunt, the Out To The Ballgame Mini-Hunt, and the February 2015 Great TC Treasure Hunt. All of them start "COMO NO GO," referencing this hunt's Longshot.

  • "Seven flags blew in the wind" is meant to suggest the seven flags atop the entrance to the State Fairgrounds—Midway Parkway's western limit.
  • "He soared into the record books and—tearing up the charts—Became the greatest athlete to have ever roamed these parts" is meant to again suggest Dan Patch—who set a world record at the fairgrounds in 1906, and is often considered the greatest athlete in Minnesota history.

  • "employ heart," "earthly poem," "ample theory," and "motherly ape" are all anagrams for "Thermopylae," the site of Leonidas' Battle. — Hamline Avenue is named for Leonidas Hamline.
  • "motherly ape" could also be taken to suggest hunting near Como Park Zoo—where a gorilla gave birth in February of this year.

  • "A parasite's lunch" anagrams to "Search Saint Paul."
  • "arrive, greenery landscaped" anagrams to "Cedar leaves in Perry Garden."
  • "It's not on a trail and it's not at a field for a pitcher and a batter, But to the treasure you might take the former from the latter" is meant to suggest hunters take a nearby trail from a baseball field in Como Park straight to the treasure in Perry Garden.

  • "Two ways of moving letters" are anagramming and a mailbox. Both would help you find the MacGuffin—a "purse."
  • "Two ways" is also meant to suggest Midway Parkway.
  • "A medallion shine" anagrams to "Leonidas Hamline"—Hamline Avenue's namesake.
  • "It couldn't hurt to brush up on your Spanish" is meant to suggest that translating Clue #9 into Spanish might help you narrow it down.

CLUE #9 (Unpublished)
  • In Spanish, "How," "Like," "I eat," and "as" all translate to either Cómo, Como, or como.
  • "Find two sisters" is meant to suggest Elsa and Anna.
  • "the seventh son of a seventh son" is meant to suggest Perry Como (a famous seventh son of a seventh son)—and Perry Garden, near Como Park.
  • "¡No entrar!" is Spanish for "Do not enter!"—the "sign nearby" that "will tell you when you've won."

CLUE #10 (Unpublished)
  • "Ingebretson's domain" anagrams to "Stonebridge Mansion"—the gates of which form the western entrance to Como Park.
  • "we've got news for you" is meant to suggest a Pioneer Press newspaper vending machine, next to a mailbox and across a sidewalk from Perry Garden.

CLUE #11 (Unpublished)
  • "where half splits into thirds" is Midway Parkway between the State Fairgrounds and Como Park—where the street becomes trifurcated.
  • "Don't go the way of the buffalo" is meant to suggest avoiding Bison Avenue—
  • "or gamble with your soul" and Pascal Street (see: Pascal's Wager)
  • "Find a pleasant boulevard and take it for a stroll" is meant to suggest searching treelawns, between the streets.

CLUE #12 (Unpublished)
  • "I pay my awkward" anagrams to "Midway Parkway."
  • "betwixt, between" is meant to suggest "Midway."
  • "Uncle Charlie" is Charles Perry—an early settler of the Como Park area, and Perry Garden's namesake.
  • "Two feline sentries" would be the two lion statues in front of the old Thomas Frankson House at 1349 Midway Parkway.
  • "a Frozen purse" — The MacGuffin.
  • "the cold never bothered me anyway" is the final line from the chorus of "Let It Go" (referenced at the end of Clue #1).

  • The first letters of each line in the prelude (and the conclusions to preceding TC Treasure hunts) spell "COMO NO GO," suggesting Hunters search near a Do Not Enter sign at the western entrance of Como Park—outside its boundaries, but still quite nearby.

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