Out to the Ballgame Mini-Hunt — CLUES EXPLAINED
  • "snap," "crack," and "pop" are meant to suggest Rice Krispies cereal—a Kellogg brand. The treasure was hidden on the platform of Gate B near the Historic Stair at the Saint Paul Union Depot. The Union Depot straddles Kellogg Boulevard.
  • The word "Lowertown" could be taken to suggest searching the Lowertown area of Saint Paul.

  • "A little bird" is meant to suggest the Peanuts character Woodstock—who, perched atop the "Dog in Training" Snoopy statue on the platform at Gate B of the Union Depot, was the bearer of the Mini-Hunt prize.
  • "waitingcould be taken to suggest the Union Depot's waiting room.
  • "scout" could be taken to suggest Snoopy's "Beagle Scouts"—a recurring theme from Peanuts.
  • "forewarned" is meant to suggest Fourth Street, which borders the Union Depot to the north, and Warner Road, to the south.
  • "inside-out" is meant to suggest that finding the treasure may require going indoors and then out.
  • "inside-out" could also be taken to suggest the "Inside Out" artist community—which operates in Lowertown—and their People's Art Project, which is currently on public display throughout the Lowertown area.

  • This clue is meant to suggest the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art festival—"the home of brown" acid, infamously—where "Drops in droves descended" for "three daysof peace and music, and name drops about two dozen Woodstock artists, including "Joe" Cocker; "James" 'Jimi' Hendrix; "Joan" Baez; "Jan"is Joplin; "Jerry" Garcia (of The Grateful Dead); Richie "haven"s; Bert "summer" (Sommer); Johnny and Edgar "winter;" "sweet""water;" Creedence "clear""water" Revival; "Mountain;" "sly(ly)" and the "family" "stone;" "country" Joe and the Fish; Butter"field" Blues Band; "blood," "sweat," and "tears;" "The band;" Crosby, "stills," Nash, and "young;" The "who;" Jefferson Airplane ("third first family's plane"); Ten Years After ("One decade on"); The "incredibl(y)"e String Band; and The "grateful" Dead ("remain"s).

  • "no toupee dingbat" anagrams to "union depot gate b."

  • "Go forth" is meant to suggest Fourth Street.
  • "find the shooter" is meant to suggest Wacouta Street ("Wacouta" means "the shooter").
  • "too big to fail" is meant to suggest Wall Street, which intersects Kellogg at the Union Depot.
  • "Call the governor" is meant to suggest Sibley Street, named for Minnesota's first governor, Henry Sibley.
  • "the Dogg is off death row" is meant to suggest Snoop Dogg (and Death Row Records) — or Snoopy.
  • "columns doric," "concourse," "stair historic," and "platform" are all meant to suggest Union Depot, and pinpoint the prize's hiding place.
  • "A little feathered buddy" is meant to, again, suggest the Peanuts character Woodstock.

  • Before the Mini-Hunt began—and throughout the hunt itself—the words "STILL," "SING," "SPED," "SLOW," "SWING," "SPY," and "SHOT" appeared in faint lettering, in reverse, at the bottom of the TC Treasure homepage. By re-spelling the words—"BESTILL," "STAGING," "STOPPED," "SLOWED," "SNOWING," "SPINY," and "SHOUT"—and reversing the new letters, you get the exact location of the prize: "UNION DEPOT GATE B."

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