Noodle Park Mini-Hunt — CLUES EXPLAINED
(given to AllisonWondrland inside a "Merci" thank you note that referenced the French theme of his Mock Hunt).
  • "A Worthy man"/"Mappy" is Steve Worthman, who goes by MapGuy, or Mappy, and uncovered the Saint Paul Winter Carnival Medallion this year, and a cool ten grand.
  • "Joe" and his "daughter" were this year's finders of the Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt Medallion, and winners of a $445 "door-prize
  • "another clue" is not only meant to suggest the mini-hunt's second clue, but that a whole new hunt lies in the offing—The Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt—revealed for the first time at the end of this one.
  • "A dish you didn't bring today" references the pot-luck nature of the Rehash Bash, and "Home" "plate" at Newell Park's lone baseball field (the location of the second clue).

(found attached to a wiffle ball at home plate of Newell Park's baseball field)
  • "fine-looking" is meant to suggest "Fair-view" Avenue.
  • "court of clay" and "Tennis, anyone" are meant to suggest the tennis courts across Fairview Ave. in Clayland Park (and on Clayland Street).

(found along with a tennis ball and a tiny "Grave Digger" figurine inside a tennis ball can, near the net of one of the tennis courts in Clayland Park)
  • "A place to park a plane on dirt" is meant to suggest Clay land Place.
  • "May I play..." is meant to sugget May Park, and its playground.
  • "Loch net" anagrams to "Chelton," May Park's southern boundary.
  • "monster" is meant to suggest the next clue is attached to a toy "Grave Digger" monster truck.
  • "Loch net's monster's to the south, but you gotta let 'er slide" references a plot point from the Allison Wonderland hunt, and implies that the next clue is hidden in the playground area, underneath the slide.

(found attached to a toy "Grave Digger" monster truck, underneath the slide in May Park)
  • "2Pac's hood—always up to no good" (from the song "California Love") is Englewood.
  • "an infamous guesthouse tenant" is meant to suggest Kato Kaelin—and Cato Park, to the South.
  • "that same fine-lookin' street" is Fairview Avenue again.
  • "the pennant" references the shape of the final clue.

(found attached to a Target gift card and shaped like a triangular flag on a stick in Cato Park)
  • "my name's Johannes" references a small box marked "Hello, my name is Johannes" with a final clue: an invitation to the inaugural Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt, hidden at the pavilion building at Newell Park.

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