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Washington County Bounty — CLUES EXPLAINED
  • The first letters of each line in this clue—B, O, O, and M—spell "BOOM," and are meant to suggest the Saint Croix River Boom Site in Stillwater Township.
  • "Beyond the pale" is meant to suggest searching in a township, as opposed to within a city proper (with "pale" meaning "the territory under an authority's jurisdiction"), and could be taken to suggest searching far from the Twin Cities—in this case, Stillwater Township, located at the very edge of both Washington County and the State of Minnesota.
  • "Sight" is meant to suggest St. Croix Boom Site.
  • "Our tokens gleam" is meant to suggest the shiny layer of aluminum foil that concealed each token.
  • "beside the stream" is meant to suggest the Boom Site's location along the St. Croix River.
  • "Off the trail" is meant to suggest the Boom Site's location just off Minnesota State Highway 95—also known as North Saint Croix Trail.
  • "north of the jail" is meant to suggest hunters search north of the state correctional facility in Stillwater, as well as to the north of the Warden's House Museum, which still stands at the former site of the Minnesota Territorial Prison, along MN-95.
  • "search both high and low" is meant to suggest hunters search for a location that has both high and low terrain. With upper and lower sections, the St. Croix Boom Site fits the bill.
  • "Mossy pockets" is meant to suggest the small chunk of moss-covered soil that concealed each token..
  • "rocky sockets" is meant to suggest each token's hiding spot; they were hidden within cracks, crevices, and notches found in rocks and stonework throughout the park. Two tokens were hidden in moss-covered rocks, while the other three were hidden in the remnant of an old stone footing, the base of a National Youth Administration-built fire ring, and on the reverse of the site's commemorative plaque, respectively.
  • The clue was published with a picture of a historical log boom "Owner's Mark"—lifted from educational signage near the northern parking area of the boom site, and visible from the hiding spot of Token #5.

  • The first hint simply informs hunters that tokens hidden in the upper sections of the park had already been found, and that remaining tokens would be found in the lower sections of the boom site.
  • The second hint suggests the location of each of the three remaining tokens: in a small hole in a rock near "the base of a tree," next to some "ghost"ly graffiti; in a stone "foundation post" near the beach in front of the boom site cave; and in the notch of a mossy rock "below the" boom site pedestrian "bridge."

Ed Brodie, Maplewood
Ben Fischer, Saint Paul
Matt Littlefield, Apple Valley
Steven Sanftner, Saint Paul
Josh Ellingson, Apple Valley

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