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Ramsey County Bounty — CLUE EXPLAINED - Johannes - 01-16-2019

  • "sledge" could be taken to suggest "sledging"—a favored Alpine pastime; Geneva Avenue forms the eastern boundary of Joy Park.
  • "county’s edge," is meant to suggest Joy Park’s position at the eastern outskirts of Ramsey County, where Maplewood meets North Saint Paul and Oakdale.
  • "sterling and pristine" is meant to suggest Silver Lake, which forms the southern boundary of Joy Park (Not to be confused with Silver Lake in Saint Anthony, at the western edge of the county).
  • "A thing of beauty" references the opening line of John Keats’ famous poem Endymion: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
  • "civic duty; please, keep our lake clean!" references four scrambled word puzzles ("EPEK," "RUO," "ELAK," "ELACN")—and the signs they’re displayed on—throughout Joy Park; four of five tokens were hidden near the signs (while the fifth "challenge" token was placed atop a large rock near a small pond in the Northeast corner of the park).
  • "civic duty" could also be taken (ironically) to suggest the… let’s say "leavings" of a local dog (and its unscrupulous owner), located near at least one of the five tokens. [Please note: In an effort to discourage the touching of poo, TC Treasure will never use any form of poo to conceal a treasure.]
  • "A monstrous fright" is meant to suggest Joy Park’s large play area sculpture of Silver Lake’s mythical monster—"Minimakha"—found near the center of the park.
  • "pure delight" is meant to suggest "Joy" Park (and in turn Joy Road, which forms the northern boundary of the Park).
  • "refuge" could be taken to suggest Joy Park Neighborhood Preserve (to the north of Joy Road and Joy Park proper).
  • "park" confirms the tokens’ location at a park—and could be taken to suggest Joy Park proper, meaning the 21 acre portion dedicated for recreational use (and not the 39 acres of "Neighborhood Preserve" found to the north).
  • "shoreline oaken" references the many oak trees that line Silver Lake in Joy Park, as well as the town of Oakdale, situated immediately to the east of Joy Park, outside Ramsey County.
  • "underneath some bark" is meant to suggest the five pieces of bark used to conceal the tokens at each of their five hiding spots throughout the park.
Ed Brodie, Maplewood
Steven Sanftner, Saint Paul
Steve Labbe, Woodbury
Alex Valen, Minneapolis
Matthew Koskie, Hastings