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Congratulations Ed, Matt, Josh, Krista, and Mike! Winners of the 2020 Hennepin County Bounty

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Hennepin County Bounty

July 11, 2020

Find the right match—fraternal, natch—in a sister and her brother;
Track them down by searching a town in the spirit of another.
To spark a twinkle with a clever wrinkle, find the gemini;
The park's mystique—like the treasure you seek—is more than meets the eye.

The neighborhood's name could help with your aim, but in order to fill your coffer,
You'll want to look in each cranny and nook that the lakeside park has to offer;
You'll be good if you search the wood—both in and beneath (or behind)—
For sports, and forts, and fallen supports (choose one to make your find).

The battle is on between Megatron and our hero Optimus Prime!
It's down to the wire, you're in the crossfire—and running out of time!
To find the former, you'll be warmer searching the eastern lands;
The latter bot's in a northern spot—beneath an old bench, he stands.

One clue. One park. Five tokens.
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