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Congratulations Ben, Ed, Matt, Brian, and Mike!
Winners of the 2020 Carver County Bounty

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Carver County Bounty

June 27, 2020

Feeling the twitch? Go scratch that itch, and find your piece of loot,
But don't blow a gasket to make a basket (be sure to weave, not shoot);
Depart and abscond to the so-called pond to claim those coins of ours—
The strange gets stranger east of danger: Follow a path to the stars!

From the ziggurat shrine to a water line with toga party vibes,
Mount your horse and ride the course to a pathway ringed in ribes,
For a grassy stroll 'round the watering hole, where tokens rest nearby—
And sunken-eyed things with crimson wings and dragons dot the sky.

Medallions of wonder secreted under alabaster pebbles,
The treasure waits past Shraosha's gates; join the free-thinking rebels!
Avert disaster and follow the master; make your way through the maze
To fight a climactic and intergalactic battle, where passions blaze.

One clue. One park. Five tokens.
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