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Congratulations Josh, Ed, Craig, Dana, and Dan!
Winners of the 2019 Hennepin County Bounty

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Hennepin County Bounty

July 1, 2019

The wealth of entrants in attendance motored 'round the way;
A bullseye placed near where they raced could help you win the day.
From there, forthwith, to an order of Sith, and then make your ascent;
To claim your stake, be sure to take the goods from the lanky gent.

Stay in your lane past a starlit domain and, in the canyon down,
Make your burrow and follow the furrow past the home of Brown;
Emerge at the fold of a chamberlain's wold to a quiver of phantom arrows;
Take to the skies and find your prize amongst the hawks and sparrows.

One clue. One location. Five tokens.
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