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TC Treasure Noodle Park Mini-Hunt

February 3, 2019


Congratulations to JC—let's hear it for the guy!
He drummed up quite a bit of noise (Snap, Crackle, and Pop say hi!).
Now the big one's come and gone, it's time to have some fun;
Another TC Treasure Noodle Park Mini-Hunt has begun!

This hunt is sequential—serial—so let's keep things in order;
Butler, Aldine, Minnehaha, and Prior form the border.
Five camps, five champs—please share the clues you find along the way.
And if you've brought your kids along, encourage them to play!

Think of an airline some people just didn't know how to keep a-flight—
Quick reminder, would-be finder: Keep the Stack in sight.
Will whomever parked the blue GT, please move it if you're able?
I hope it's all right for me to pay you underneath the table.


Barley and hops are magic crops—remember to rotate 'em—
And vegetables are good for you (even if you hate 'em).
Westward prance, give bees a chance, and grant the plants a pardon;
Look both ways before you cross, then amble to the garden.


Make it Snappy (like Jake or Mappy) and run the mutant decathlon;
Leave the parks to find a lonely tree and get your path on.
Turn backs, make haste from tracks and waste; try to angle an edge
'Tween a score and seven circles in three diamonds on a wedge.


Find the next treasure near new found leisure; it's hidden in the snow.
This sounds less than clever—silly, even: "Hatee-hatee-ho!"
Keep it simple, leave the pimple; steer clear of the muddy terrain.
Here's a puzzle: Peter's aunt could help you sound the plain.


Back to the Noodle for the kit-and-caboodle; but not just anywhere:
Cross the savanna on a beeline, and enter Lucifer's Lair.
To claim the goods, look back through the woods and align the Stack with the Bash;
Recover the ball and take it back to the end zone to Rehash!


Enough helter skelter—back to the shelter (you've earned yourselves a rest),
But if you're keen, we've tucked away one final mini-quest:
Unite and use the white-bagged clues to plot and analyze,
Then find the medial point and locate a consolation prize!


Congrats! You've found our TC Token and won free registration
To the next Great TC Treasure Hunt (ten dollars' valuation).
We hope to amuse with puzzling clues that perplex and mystify;
If that sounds interesting to you, we'll see you in July!


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